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Bloggers by MBTI

The organization system used is the 16 Personalities system. I did not have any part in its development.

  • Sentinels
    • ESFJ (Consul) 
    • ESTJ (Executive) 
    • ISFJ (Defender) 
    • ISTJ (Logistician) 
  • Explorers
    • ESFP (Performer) 
    • ESTP (Entrepreneur) 
    • ISFP (Adventurer) 
    • ISTP (Virtuoso) 
  • Analysts
    • ENTP (Debater) 
    • ENTJ (Commander) 
    • INTP (Logician) 
    • INTJ (Architect) 
Do you want to be featured on my Bloggers by MBTI list? Take the test at 16 Personalities if you don't know what your MBTI is and then tell me your result through either a comment, E-mail, or blog post about your MBTI. It is free, completely online, and won't force you to sign up for anything. (I took the test myself several times.) (If you already know what your MBTI is, you don't have to take the test.)

If I like you and know what your MBTI is, I will feature you. If you want me to take your name off, just ask.


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