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Friday, September 16, 2016

Disability Five Song Challenge

It is said that our favorite songs express what we struggle to say to others, so what do your favorite songs say about your disability experiences? Describe your disability experiences using only five songs.

Warning: Rolling Girl contains rapid flashing. 

How is the current me? Really, there's nothing we can do. Someone like the annoying you, I really hate.
Doudai, genjou no boku wa soukai, doushiyou mo nai na urusai na omae nante dai kirai da
どうだい、現状の僕は そうかい、どうしようもないな 
When will you grow up? What the heck is 'growing up' in the first place?
Mensekihi no koushiki iemasu ka kodomo no toki no yume wa iemasu ka
The girl says, the girl says, as she orchestrated the meaning in her spoken words.
Shoujo wa iu shoujo wa iu kotoba ni imi o kanadenagara!
少女は言う 少女は言う

I've already realized that I won't ever amount to anything. "Talent is worse than mediocrity," but what is talent in the first place?
Nanimono ni mo narenai koto ni kizuite shimatta "Sainou wa bonjin ika da" tte daitai sainou tte nan nanda
「才能は凡人以下だ」って 大体才能ってなんなんだ

Let me listen to the almighty, all-knowing words.
zenchi zen'nō no kotoba wo hora kikasete yo
全智全能の言葉を ほら聞かせてよ

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Words Ten, Length Three (A Chorus Line Parody)

This is a funny parody that some of you more laconic writers may relate to. 
Disclaimer: I do not advocate plagiarism of any form. 

Valerie: I got my rubric back with my essay and, on a scale of one to ten, I got, for words: ten. For length, three.

Words ten, length three.
Grades like this mean unemployment.
Writing for my own enjoyment?
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it kid.

Words ten, length three
Is left to rust
Went Google and
Searched up stuff I can
Read and quote, but not cite.

Cut. And paste.
Just need fillers here and there.
To say I cheat is so not fair.
Put my thought to it,
All that goes with it.

Cut and paste.
Just a click and then I'm done.
Suddenly, my grades went up again.
Cut and paste won't get you As
Unless it's yours.

Doesn't cost a fortune neither.
Doesn't hurt my average either.

Short and sassy
I'd be stuck with all the losers.
Beggars really can't be choosers.
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it kid.

Add a phrase, a sentence or two.
Life turned into an endless medley
Of "Gee, it always is you."

Cut. And paste.
When the paper once was bare,
Now you look and words are there.
You have wrote 'em, hey, top to bottom, hey.

It's a gas.
Just a highlight, click, and then
Enter your idea and you're fine.
Cut and paste can change your life.
It sure changed mine.

Valerie: You're all looking at my grade, aren't you? Well, don't count on me to redistribute my hard work.

Other Student: They're not that good.

Valerie: I heard that, stupid. I didn't want 'em like yours. I wanted them to be at least somewhat original.

Other Student: You got what you worked for.

Connie: I wouldn't mind my essay being half that length!

Valerie: Go out and find some links.
Have it all done.
Honey, take my word.
Use that search engine for
Wiki, refs, and more to

Cut and paste.
Introduction and body.
What they want is what they see.
Keep the best of you.
Do the rest of you.

Rut or race,
I have never seen it fail
AP world or British lit or math.

Cut and paste,
Yes, cut and paste
Has changed my life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

(Original Theory) Learning Motivations

"Study without desire spoils the memory and it retains nothing that it takes in." Leonardo DaVinci

Learning styles are a helpful tool to get to know how to teach someone, but learning styles fall short when it comes to the "why" of learning: Why am I sitting here in this classroom learning for this subject I may or may not care much for? What makes my effort in exerting myself mentally worthwhile? Rewards are not effective unless they are catered to the person's motivations.

Some people learn best for status that may come in the form of a grade, rank, or other designation. They enjoy having tangible evidence of their hard work condensed into an award or a number and saying "I earned that." Status learners often do things to say they did them. Learning for its own sake does not interest the status-motivated. They want to see themselves as having achieved something tangible and outdone others. Status learners first and foremost learn to achieve.

Altruist learners learn to help others. They typically possess a strong desire to assist others their endeavors and are charitable types. If the course material at hand is presented as having no value in providing assistance to others, the altruist learner will struggle to see the point of learning it. Generally, altruist learners have large-scale visions of assisting others. Take advantage of this vision in order to assist in learning the skills presented.

Learning for its own sake is a foreign concept to many people, but not so to the process learner. Process learners learn to take things apart and fit them back together in both a literal and figurative sense. They generally enjoy exploration of interconnecting ideas and coming up with a variety of interpretations. Process learners tend to want to learn something completely, to explore every facet and factor and every interconnection and get frustrated when they have to learn just to get something.

You know those students who always talk too much? They are probably social learners. They learn to learn about others. Subjects with no interpersonal matter pain social learners and leave them bored and frustrated. Social learners love learning about other people and imagining interactions with them in a variety of settings. Even in impersonal subjects, social learners end up humanizing concepts to make them more tangible and appealing to others and themselves.

Complaining about how a subject has no application in real life is usually the mark of a pragmatic learner. A pragmatic learner learns to prepare for everyday--and not so everyday--situations that arise as life is lived. They generally avoid extra work in areas that have no practical application unless they plan to make a career of the field. Pragmatic learners learn for life; often, their predominant strength is the application of skills.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ableism and the Enneagram: Integration and Disintegration

Integration and disintegration  in enneagram affect the manifestation of ableism, which likely arises out of disability, whether one's own or someone else's, thwarting one's attempts at attaining their basic need. Integration and disintegration occur when one learns how to work or not work with their enneatype, which leads to a "change". Ableism manifests itself most often as a disintegrated or unhealthy type. The ideal activism and advocacy method for each enneatype most often reflects the integrated type.

Ones integrate into Sevens and disintegrate into Fours.

  • Disintegrated: Goes in-depth into bad experiences to the point of using invasive detail all for the sake of "authenticity", experiences martyr complex
  • Integrated: Values the experiences of those around them as well as their own, gains a more adventurous, daring perspective
Twos integrate into Fours and disintegrate into Eights.

  • Disintegrated: Becomes controlling to compensate for perceived helplessness in self or others and displays uncharacteristic anger
  • Integrated: Respects others' experiences and values and uses this to better assist others and becomes in tune with one's self
Threes integrate into Sixes and disintegrate into Nines.

  • Disintegrated: Falls into apathy and laziness. Avoids conflict at all costs and retreats within self hoping for problems to resolve themselves
  • Integrated: Gains awareness of their and others' desire for safety and acts on it by providing places of refuge

Fours integrate into Ones and disintegrate into Twos.

  • Disintegrated: Takes on a chameleon-like persona in order to "help others", but finds no sense of purpose in doing so
  • Integrated: Strengthens values and realizes their ideal "right" way to do things and promotes these values without being pedantic or an extremist

Fives integrate into Eights and disintegrate into Sevens.

  • Disintegrated: Abandons thoughtful pursuits in favor of more hedonistic ones, becomes consumed by "FOMO" and resents deprivation uncharacteristically
  • Integrated: Channels anger constructively as a driven and passionate leader ready to carry their ideas into fruition

Sixes integrate into Nines and disintegrate into Threes.

  • Disintegrated: Takes up obsessions with image, abandons sense of security in pursuit of a "persona", resents criticism and takes it personally
  • Integrated: Keeps the peace by finding compromises between conflicting desires of others and themselves. Takes on "mediator" role
Sevens integrate into Fives and disintegrate into Ones.

  • Disintegrated: Insists that everyone do things the "right way" and starts depriving one's self of certain things they normally enjoy
  • Integrated: Considers a variety of new perspectives all at once and fits them together into one stimulating framework
Eights integrate into Twos and disintegrate into Fives.

  • Disintegrated: Retreats within one's head rather than taking control of situations while lashing out at others 
  • Integrated: Actively assists others in a leadership-type role for the good of those around them, often self-sacrificing

Nines integrate into Threes and disintegrate into Sixes.

  • Disintegrated: Security seeking takes priority over peace. Starts excessively fretting over small matters
  • Integrated: Starts maintaining an image in order to gain a good reputation, usually has a "do no harm" philosophy

I apologize for being laconic, but I do not have much time between band, school, and orchestra.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Nothing: School Edition

A Chorus Line songs are so fun to rewrite for a school setting!

Diana (spoken): It was my sophomore year. I was so excited to finally have a break from algebra. My brain makes it a little hard to process math, but that's not what made it so bad. Anyway, it was the first day of geometry and I had Mr. Karp for a teacher. Ugh, Mr. Karp. Mr. Karp, he would seat us at our desks, arranged in rows, and he says "Okay, we're learning about postulates. Now, here are the notes and the textbooks are on the shelf. Okay, go."

Diana (singing):
Every day for a week, I would try to
Do the problems, Do the problems
On the sheet.

Every day for a week, we would try to
Get the answers, get the answers,
Have ends meet.

So I searched and searched to the bottom of my brain
To see what I had inside.
Yes, I searched and searched to the bottom of my brain
And I tried, I tried.

And everyone is going: Yes, Yes!
It's 34! It's 55! It's 78!
And Mr. Karp turns to me and says
"Okay, Morales. What did you get?"

And I said
"Nothing. I'm getting nothing."
And he says
"Nothing could get someone transferred."

They all got something,
But I got nothing
Except the feeling that this nonsense was absurd.

But I said to myself
"Hey, it's only the first week. It's probably genetic.
I mean, what are postulates? Am I right?"

Second week, more advanced
And we had to find the measure
Of an angle
With algebra.

Mr. Karp, he would say
"Very good, except Morales.
Try, Morales.
All alone."

So I searched and searched to the bottom of my brain
To see how the problems went.
Yes, I searched and searched to the bottom of my brain
Yes, I tried, so spent.

The kids yelled "Nothing."
They called me "Nothing."
And Karp allowed it,
Which really makes it burn.

They were so "helpful"
And I was hopeless,
So I knew not the direction
I should turn.

And Mr. Karp kept saying
"Morals, If you keep this up, you'll fail the class and never be able to survive Algebra II."
Oh my gosh.

Went to church, praying
"Santa Maria, send me guidance
Send me guidance"
On my knees.

Went to church, praying
"Santa Maria, help me know it.
Help me know it."
Pretty please.

And a thought came up from the bottom of my brain
And travelled to heart from head.
Yes, a thought came up from the bottom of my brain
Here is what it said:

This math is nothing.
This course is nothing.
If you want something, go take a language class.
You could learn Chinese. You could learn German
And I assure you that's what finally came to pass.

Six months later, I heard that Karp had died.
And I searched and searched to the bottom of my brain
And cried
'Cause I got nothing.

Diana (spoken):
I mean, I didn't want him to die or anything, but....