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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent Hiatus

I decided to give up posting, checking my notifications, and anything and everything doing with Google+ for lent. This means I will also give up commenting, uploading, and liking on YouTube. I have Living In A Stronghold Ep. 7 filmed, but will not film any more during lent. Most likely I will have an activity streak following Easter, but please be patient. I'm sure you have sacrificed something for this time period.
For my subscribers/viewers who are not familiar with lent, it is a time of self-sacrifice that allows one to focus more on God. It lasts until April 17, so hang in there! I genuinely enjoy checking my notifications, but please do not call me negligent for refraining to do so during lent. It is your responsibility to read my blog posts.  

Have a fluter-ful day,

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