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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just Some Special Needs Lifehacks

A "lifehack" is a creative way to avoid a small inconvenience in life. I decided to come up with some to share with everyone.
  1.      Use facial tissue to create makeshift earplugs. This is effective for fireworks shows.
  2.     Carabiner clips on backpacks keep lunchboxes from getting lost.
  3.     A TI 83 Plus can serve as an impromptu communication device for someone who relies of typing. 
  4.     Use the Stickies application on an Apple computer to record schedules and appointment times.
  5.      A colorful fabric scrap can serve as the buffer between a bothersome medical ID  bracelet and skin.
  6.     Hard/chewy candies make a great source of oral stimulation in environments where food is allowed.
  7.  Use a plastic folder to keep homework together.
  8.      Use a jump ring with index card-sized captioned pictures to make an inventory of social stories.
  9.     Laminate your explanation cards with plastic wrap and tape to make them waterproof. Plastic wrap can also serve as a temporary, but low-cost iPad screen protector.
  10.  Edamame is green, protein-packed, and has little flavor. This soybean is easy to chew and squeezing those slippery beans out of the pod increases pincer grip skills. It might serve your reluctant eater well as a healthy snack.

These lifehacks are merely a list of things that work for me. This is not intended to promote any therapy regimen or lifestyle.


  1. FlutistPride....
    I am sorry for being away all these months!! I've missed every single Blog that I read/comment on!! It feels so good to be back!! At last!! ;-D
    What clever ideas, Friend!! ;)
    Love you later, Raelyn

    1. Hi, Raelyn! I always look forward to your comments. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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