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Friday, December 26, 2014

I Will Go Duet Reprise (Parody of Nim Aranel's Let it Go Duet Reprise)

Alex: A foreign land spanning infinitely,
No one who can think like I.
A cube land of desolation
Steve: Loneliness I can’t deny.
Alex: What is my purpose
In the life I now must live?
I should now move on.
Steve: What have I to give?
Alex: It hasn’t changed.
It’s still the same.
Steve: I know! The lack of friendship
So makes me feel inane.
Alex: What do I see? Who do I hear?
Steve: Is it someone? Are they right here?
Alex: It’s clear!
I will go. I will go
At your side through thick and thin.
I will go. I will go.
Together we will win.
Steve: It can’t be. It’s my insanity.
Alex: It’s not mind, just fate.
I feel we’ll make the best of teams.
Steve: I’ve survived much hardship
Ten agonizing years
Always wanting a companion
To wipe away my tears.
But that’s desire. I must move on.
That easily pierced me is gone.
Release the past, and, finally
You’re free!
I will go. I will go
In sickness and in health.
I will go. I will go
In poverty and wealth.
Steve: Still, with you, what can I do?
Alex: Open up your gates.
Surviving fine you are, but with me you can thrive.
Steve: I know that you mean well, but who can change the course of time?
Alex: I am your chance to thrive, so try to start right now.
Steve: (Oh) I want to quell the storm inside, but you need to show me how.
Alex: I will go. I will go.
Steve: (I will go.) (I will go.)
Alex: Hardship our souls can’t fray.
Steve: I will go. I will go.
Alex:  (I will go.) (I will go.)
Steve: My life will start today.
A/S: Our pasts have gone
And new life we see.
We’ll turn the tides of fate!
I know that we’ll make the best of teams.

Notes About the Song:
The lyrics were not intended to foreshadow/portray a romantic relation between Steve and Alex although some of the lyrics resemble the words of a marriage vow. This just shows the strength of their alliance and friendship. I wanted to steer away from portraying a romantic relationship because it does not reflect the nature of Minecraft.
This is a parody of Nim Aranel’s Let it Go duet reprise.
You are welcome to sing this! Just credit me with the lyrics and Nim Aranel for the lyrics I rewrote.

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