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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Accepting the Kikoran Race: A Diversity Activity

Use this activity to lead to discussion about acceptance and diversity. 

A race from another planet is interested in taking residence on the earth. Since they didn’t want their arrival to be a surprise and have us destroy each other in panic and ignorance, they left this description.

      We are the Kikoran race and come from the planet Puru. Our home planet was destroyed after an unknown parasite ravaged our land and devastated our food supply. There are about 1,000 of us and we hope you would be willing to accommodate us on Earth. We heard many positive things about Earth and we wonder if you could let us coexist with you and the rest of the human population. Read this thoroughly before making any rash decisions.
     We call ourselves kikos. We have blue skin, ranging from almost white blue to dark blue. Some of us have somewhat green skin. The average height for a kiko would be about 10 feet in height and we usually weigh about 200 pounds. We are spindly, but strong for what we look like. Our eyes have pink scleras and our irises can be (from common to rare) red, orange, yellow, purple, white, green, or rainbow in color. Possible hair colors include purple, black, pink, white, or any combination of the listed. Our appendages are long and spindly. We are either “male” or “female” as you say, but we don’t really have gender roles.
     Our government was a direct democracy. This means everyone votes directly on the laws. We will be able to adapt to yours, though.
      Do not assume that kikos eat human flesh and/or practice cannibalism. We think such practices are barbaric. However, there’s no way we can resist a good piece of fruit.
      Our recent technological advancements include well-developed neurotech, clean and infinite energy, and new hospital configurations that prevent the spread of disease.
     The foods of Puru are not toxic to humans, but alcohol has similar effects to a kiko like hemlock has to humans. We don’t like the smell anyway. 
     Our languages are English and Maori. Most of us speak both.
     Kikos are very open-minded to other cultures. We value charity, acceptance, diversity, and kindness, but, as with any race, you get a few mean ones.
     We breathe a same air and have similar religions to the ones of Earth.
     If you don’t accept us, there’s a chance we may become extinct.

Would you let the kikoran race live on Earth with us? If so, how would you treat them? Would you drop language such as “Well, at least I’m human”? How far will you go to make sure others accept this alien race? What would you do as an individual, government, business, family, or other group to accommodate the kikorans?


  1. Love this. I can really see it being useful in the school/group setting. Did you come up with it yourself?


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