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Monday, July 25, 2016

Strengths Test

Your Talents Results are:
(from highest to lowest)

Rank Talent Strength Potential Main Objective Description Score Video explanation
1 Thinker Intellect Intellect and thinking to filter information. Individuals with the Thinker talent can have deepness in their thoughts and are introspective. This talent can help to simplify complex information, concepts or ideas. 96 Click Me
2 Information Excavator Information Input To dig and validate information. Individuals with the Information Excavator talent are good are digging into information and collecting things. This talent can help to collect and review things and information in order to find errors. 96 Click Me
3 Analyst Analyze Analyze to find root causes. Individuals with the Analyst talent can be very good at understanding cause and effect. This talent can help explain how things work and how they are related. 96 Click Me
4 Believing Believe Believe and doing the 'right thing'. Individuals with the Believing talent can have a solid set of core values by which they choose to live. This talent can enhance ethical standards and integrity, and when presented with alternative paths will tend to choose the 'right one'. 96Click Me
5 Recognition Significant Get Recognition and be in front of others. Individuals with the Recognition talent can seek to have influence and to be important. This talent can generate the necessary drive to try to make a difference in the world. 93Click Me
6 Solutions Finder Ideate Ideate new ways to solve problems. Individuals with the Solutions Finder talent love concepts and ideas. This talent can help them to see underlying concepts that unite disparate ideas. 91Click Me
7 Organizer Arrange Arrange and optimize resources. Individuals with the Organizer talent like to organize and can have the flexibility to place things right where they need to be. This talent can help people to figure out how all pieces come together for the best results. 91Click Me
8 Fixer Restore Restoration and troubleshooting to solve problems. Individuals with the Fixer talent can be very good at finding what is wrong in a problem and solving it. This talent can restore things to their normal functioning. 87Click Me
9 Visionary Futurist Envision a better Future. Individuals with the Visionary talent are inspired by the future and its endless possibilities. This talent can help to inspire people to create new projects and initiatives. 87Click Me
10 Excellence Maximize Maximize performance by Focusing on people's potential. Individuals with the Excellence talent like to stimulate group and personal performance to their maximum. This talent can help them to focus on people’s strengths in order to improve from average to great performance. 87Click Me
11 Prudent Deliberate Deliberate carefully to find a safe solution. Individuals with the Prudent talent can take serious care when making decisions and will look to anticipate potential obstacles. This talent can bring a detailed step-by-step plan taking into account every possible scenario. 87Click Me
12 Potential Cultivator Develop Develop people's potential. Individuals with the Potential Cultivator talent love to work around people's development. This talent provides the ability to recognize and cultivate the potential in others. 87Click Me
13 Student Learn Learn to do things to reduce time to performance Individuals with the Student talent are energized by the process of learning and continuously improve their expertise. This talent can help to bring new or better knowledge to an activity or project. 84Click Me
14 Unifier Connect Connect and unite people & things. Individuals with the Unifier talent can believe that there are few coincidences in life; every event has a profound meaning. This talent can help them to show there is a 'bigger' reason for every event in life and bring spirituality. 84Click Me
15 Foreman Commanding Commanding and directing (people). Individuals with the Foreman talent can be direct, decisive and take control of a situation. This talent can help a person to be a leader without fear of confrontation. 84Click Me
16 Initiator Activate Activate new Projects. Individuals with the Initiator talent can allow a person to start a lot of things. This talent can help transform thoughts into actions and get things into motion. 84Click Me
17 Consensus Harmonize Harmonize in order to solve conflicts. Individuals with the Consensus talent can have the ability to calm tense situations. This talent can help in a conflict, to lookout for areas of agreement and search for win-win solutions. 82Click Me
18 Understand Others Empathize Be Empathic to people's emotions to help solve them. Individuals with the Understand Others talent can have a unique ability to sense the emotions of others. This talent can help them to identify and conciliate people’s emotions. 80Click Me
19 Presenter Communicate Communicate (messages) information. Individuals with the Presenter talent like to be heard and find it easy to convert thoughts into words. This talent can help them to explain complex concepts and use words to inspire action and education. 80Click Me
20 Motivator Positive Positive attitude and motivation to move people. Individuals with the Motivator talent can have a unique ability to get others excited about something. This talent can find and show the positive side to any situation and to reduce fear when confronting new situations. 78Click Me
21 Hard Worker Achieve Achieve results. Individuals with the Hard Worker talent can have a constant drive to accomplish meaningful tasks. This talent can help a person to be willing to work arduously to reach a goal. 76Click Me
22 Flexibility Adapt Adapt in chaotic environments. Individuals with the Flexibility talent can have the ability to change direction as quickly as needed. This talent can bring great adaptability in order to work better in constantly changing environments. 76Click Me
23 Winner Compete Compete with others to win. Individuals with the Winner talent love to measure their performance against other people. This talent can stimulate others to set higher standards for their own performance. 73Click Me
24 Equalizer be Fair Be Fair and treat people the same. Individuals with the Equalizer talent are aware of the importance of treating people the same. This talent can help them to treat people equally to promote impartiality and fairness. 73Click Me
25 Personalizer Individualize Individualize people to understand their differences. Individuals with the Personalizer talent can have an innate sense to identify people’s differences. This talent can be used to find the uniqueness of individuals to create successful teams. 73Click Me
26 Integrator Include Include left out people to generate social improvement. Individuals with the Integrator talent can recognize when others are excluded and fully understand the repercussions. This talent can help the person to work diligently to include everyone and generate social improvement. 71Click Me
27 Planner Strategize Strategize; plan and identify relevant obstacles (to avoid them). Individuals with the Planner talent can be able to see a clear direction through the complexity of a situation. This talent can bring efficient ways around obstacles in order to reach a goal. 69Click Me
28 Charismatic Meet People Meet people to get new relations. Individuals with the Charismatic talent like the challenge of meeting new people. This talent can help to have a special magnetic appeal to others that will make it easier for them to create connections with people. 64Click Me
29 Prioritizer Focusing Focusing on important things. Individuals with the Prioritizer talent can have the ability to find and focus on the important things. This talent can bring a clear sense of direction and reduce the effort required to accomplish a task or project. 64Click Me
30 Stucturer Disciplined Be Disciplined and create routines to avoid rework. Individuals with the Structurer talent like order and rules; they set a plan and follow it. This talent can bring order, discipline and structure into an activity or project. 62Click Me
31 Commitment Responsible Be Responsible in order to complete activities. Individuals with the Commitment talent often take personal ownership of the promise they made. This talent can bring extra effort in order to follow through on commitments. 62Click Me
32 Confidence Self-Confident Self-Confidence to lead or create new ways. Individuals with the Confident talent can trust in their abilities to manage their life. This talent can bring certainty when making decisions. 53Click Me
33 Historian Contextualize Contextualize situations in order to not repeat the same mistakes. Individuals with the Historian talent need to know and look into the past. This talent can be used to look into the past to make better decisions in the present. 49Click Me
34 Group Relations Relate Relate in order to integrate groups. Individuals with the Group Relations talent like to have deep bonds and close relationships with others. This talent can have the ability to build stronger relationships between people. 47Click Me

The link is here.
As stated by this test, my predominant strengths are strengths of analysis. Not a day goes by when I don't find an idea, dig for information, flip it around, run it through my own perspective, apply it to understanding another idea, and start the whole cycle over again. 


  1. Seems like a very cool test.

    About starting new cycles - the Historian.

  2. Might talk about my own top 10/12

    especially Learn.

    "reduce time to improve performance" description really fit!

    [It is my second after Include. Will talk about the 78-84 ones as they clustered around].

    That connection between Talent and Strength is important.

    The first "thinking" one which came up was Ideate which is about me being able to unify concepts.

    Have seen some of the Downing videos especially the one for Relate.

    Historian and Structures - probably not my talents [44 and 47 respectively].

    And there was a long gap of Foreman [60] and Prudent [51].

    Group Relations was somewhere in the middle for me.

    Had a lot happening in the 70s. For example Initiate and Visionary. And Group Relations; Understand Others and Equaliser were 73.

    Believe, too, is in my top 5 or 6. Indeed, it is equal with Consensus/Harmonise.

    Top 5: Integrator; Student; Solutions Finder; Potential Cultivator and Consensus.

    Recognition was relatively low for me at 67 and ranked 25th along with Planner and Confident.

    Presenter and Committed are slightly stronger but not in my big 12. 69 I scored for them both and #13 and #14. "Ownership" and "following through" are moderately important ... to me.

  3. Anna....
    Welcome back, Friend!! I missed you!! How was your camp? I want to hear stories!! ;)
    "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn
    PS. This test does seem very cool!! ;-D

    1. I'd tell stories, but I respect other peoples' privacy too much.

    2. Fair enough.

      It being a performance camp and all - a lot of your living is in public.

      Then there are elements which are not - and I respect those.

    3. Anna....
      "I'd tell stories, but I respect other peoples' privacy too much." Alright!! I meant stories about your experiences, but I absolutely understand, Friend!! ;)
      "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn


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