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Friday, July 4, 2014

Inclusion Symbolism in July 4 2014 Google Doodle

Have you ever been told to be normal? That you are too low functioning, weird, slow, or making excuses? That if you don't learn the "correct" way you can't learn at all? I think this Google doodle will open some minds with the symbolism I found in it.

Synopsis (spoiler alert): An avid young flutist marched excitedly in the parade, but a smaller stride proved disadvantageous among the more experienced musicians.On top of that ,the young musician attempted to play the piccolo holding it like an inline instruments. Each note from their instrument lead to him/her stumbling. Frustrated, s/he used all of their air to produce a note, only to fall flat. The flutist blew another pitiful note hoping to have his/her efforts recognized. A trumpet player, apparently the band's leader, inspired the flutist to play their piccolo the way they should and lead the band. 

The flutist represents someone with special needs/a disability/(insert preferred term here). A shorter stride means they have to work harder to stay in step with the rest of the band.

Holding the piccolo early in the parade represents the "correct" way of learning, which obviously did not work for the flutist. It set him/her up for failure.

The trumpet player represents friends, teachers, therapists, parents, and other supportive people. This musician's genuine kindness inspired the flutist to play a solo and lead the band.

Holding the piccolo during the solo represents success after receiving appropriate accommodations and services along with general support.

The parade represented a mainstream environment and its members represented typical people.

Don't force the flutists of the world to play their instrument like a trumpet. 


  1. Laurie at Parental Intelligence
    Music opens children's worlds up. Sounds like that is happening. Great.

    1. Yay! First comment! I wondered if anyone else saw the symbolism or if it's just me.

  2. FlutistPride....
    Thank-you for commenting on my Blog, Friend!! I truly appreciated it!! ;)
    I watched that Google doodle video like three times--and even showed it to my niece, "Amethyst"--but never saw the symbolism!! So true, so true, so very true!! Thanks for pointing that out!! Now I want to watch it again!! ;op
    Love you later, Raelyn

  3. It's a really cute video, I hope that more people realise what it is about x


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