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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Hate Math

Math is the worst of the subjects I take,
Worse than pestilence, pox, or a plague.
Math is abhorrent, just torture and pain,
And, of all that I do, the bane. 

Numbers are not the language I speak;
I'd better know Portuguese, Swedish, or Greek.
My thought is not swift, my mind is not fleet.
Math is just an ache in my feet. 

I'd rather learn English to sharpen my skills
At using my words to voice my will. 
I'd sooner learn fencing, a soil to till.
It's better to learn defense than to kill. 

The worst day of practicing playing my flute
Surpasses my best day of doing square roots.
Many could say that my point is moot,
But, honestly I don't give a hoot.

(A/N: A short and humorous poem that describes my hatred of math and love for English)


  1. I hate math too. But I like history.

    1. Me too. I'd rather learn about Alexander the Great's strategies than about functions and intervals.


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