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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I Blog Under a Pseudonym

Dear Audience,

I blog under a pseudonym primarily for privacy-related concerns. A pseudonym does not make me any less "real"; it gives me an identity without allowing Internet predators find me. It does not make me a troll; I have seen many trolls use their real names despite the fact that trolls generally go by a pseudonym. 

I seem out of place among fellow disability bloggers due to my use of a pseudonym; one could call me the Deez Nuts* of the this blogger community. My use of a pseudonym is also meant to keep you wondering about me: Who is this "FlutistPride" and why does she choose this name? The mysterious Minecraft girl might have appeared on some of your blog posts. I assure you that I am indeed a real person and everything about who I say I am is true. 

For those of you who don't know, I show my face and overall physique on my YouTube channel. Most of the flute videos are from two years ago, so I may have changed since then. Other than that, I tend not to disclose much information about myself.

In short, my pseudonym is not intended be an excuse for trolling. It is a means of protecting myself while still maintaining some kind of identity. I do not claim to be another person, so it is not impersonation. The rainbow-haired Minecraft girl is not an accurate representation of me physically, but she is more tied to my identity than my physical appearance. Call me unauthentic. Call me stupid. Call me a coward, but I will still continue to advocate and educate under the pseudonym which I have chosen.

With Pride,

A Note about Impostors
FlutistPride is to be written with no spaces and with a capital F and a capital P. Writing my name as flutist pride, Flutist Pride, flutistpride, fLuTiStPrIdE, or anything else that deviates from the way that it appears as my identity is incorrect. 

Sometimes, I comment under the name "Anna". "Anna" is not an impostor, but anyone else who claims to be me is. If a comment under my name is completely out of character for me, then it is most likely an impostor who stole my information to write it. Do not click links that impostors post because they are most likely dubious, virus-ridden cesspools under a misleading guise.

Reading my comments on other posts will give you a general idea of my character. If someone under the name "FlutistPride" or "Anna" who claims my content as their own is harassing you, let me know.   I care about the safety of my viewers and want my blog to be trustworthy. I will not ask for personal information beyond your E-mail address or general region in the world. Report impostors before they get out of hand. 

*Disclaimer: I am not Brady Olson, nor do I claim to be this person, intend to represent Olson in any way, or have any identity under "Deez Nuts".

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