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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Really? (A Rant)

The "Are you kidding me?" rage face with a caption that says "Are you kidding me?"

I saw this post on The Mighty* on Urban Decay's Razor Sharp eyeliners. The eyeshadows are bold metallics and come in a container that resembles a liquid lipstick tube. Urban Decay was accused of glamorizing self-injury by advertising them via swatches. I do not think this is the case. Horizontal swatches on the inner arm are very common among makeup lovers to preview a product before wearing. Across the board, they (including myself) have varying degrees of familiarity with self-injury.

While I did take some issues with the lipstick shades Manic (neutral-ish dark red) and Psycho (bright red), I take no issue with these because of the ubiquity of horizontal swatches on the arm to test makeup. I cannot believe that someone had the nerve to look for a nonexistent issue with this method of advertising. None of the shades resemble iron-based blood except for maybe Fireball. It bothers me when people make loose associations like these because:
  • Not all self-harm is indicated by horizontal slashes across the inner arm.
  • Swatching this way is convenient and it's pretty much universal among makeup lovers to do so.
  • Urban Decay is known for having makeup with edgy names. It is one of their trademarks.  
  • "Razor sharp" means a myriad of things from literally sharp (especially of an edge) to things like "precise" and"clever". Misconstruing the name of a largely positive idiom in order to point out nonexistent issues just wastes peoples' time.
  • Makeup swatches are not intended to imitate self-injury. Creating self-injury effects with makeup is stage/costume makeup and not swatching.
  • These are eyeliners. Of course they will make stark lines when swatched. That is what they are supposed to do.
  • The whole "issue" with Urban Decay's Razor Sharp eyeliners is based off of misconstruation in general.
Tubes of Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner and swatches. Urban Decay Tweeted "Ready for some Razor Sharp Swatches, UDers? #UDAllNighter".
I read the post out of curiosity and found it to be a complete waste of my time and energy and an overreaction based on a few spurious connections. The thing that bothers me about the advertising the most is that the tube order is inconsistent with the swatch order, but the fact that someone had the nerve to make a fuss based on some very loose associations makes me question this person's intentions. Did they actually care about the effect makeup swatches of his nature have on people who self-injure or did they just want to raise a fuss over a few spurious connections?

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  1. Thank you for the rant, Ender!

    Yes, I did know how lots of people test their make-up.

    And was the person worried about the very sharp nails as well?

    So the tube order was not white first?

    1. With tube order, the peachy metallic shade was first. The whole "issue" is based off of misconstruation and loose associations.

    2. Thank you.

      There's a colour in between the peach and the red which I couldn't tell which was which.

      And the MIGHTY being the MIGHTY - it was getting families involved. Didn't know there was such a big self-harm section there. About 6 or 7 articles all up.

  2. Ender-Chan....
    I found your Blog!! I have no idea why it took me so long!! Now I know what my Blogging Friend meant several years ago when I changed my first Website's name from Endless Possibilities to Beautifully Unique by it being hard to relocate at first!! Ha!! ;-D
    I'm glad I found your Blog again, Friend.... I have missed you!! I do mean that. ;)
    "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn

    1. Do you ever actually read what I write?

    2. Ender-Chan....
      "Do you ever actually read what I write?" Yes!! I do!! Unless, of course, I am a little too busy with, you know, Life!! Such as watching my beautiful nieces, "Amethyst" and "Opal".... Writing.... Hip swaying/dancing/cutting loose to Bruce Springsteen for several insane hours.... Having my cousin over during the Summer.... Sometimes I am a little too busy to read Max's Blog posts or Ellen's Website, even!! But--when I do have time--I always carve some for my Blogging Friends.... And that definitely includes you, Ender-Chan!! ;)
      "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn

    3. I'd prefer that my posts be read for content rather than for a person.


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