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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Words Ten, Length Three (A Chorus Line Parody)

This is a funny parody that some of you more laconic writers may relate to. 
Disclaimer: I do not advocate plagiarism of any form. 

Valerie: I got my rubric back with my essay and, on a scale of one to ten, I got, for words: ten. For length, three.

Words ten, length three.
Grades like this mean unemployment.
Writing for my own enjoyment?
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it kid.

Words ten, length three
Is left to rust
Went Google and
Searched up stuff I can
Read and quote, but not cite.

Cut. And paste.
Just need fillers here and there.
To say I cheat is so not fair.
Put my thought to it,
All that goes with it.

Cut and paste.
Just a click and then I'm done.
Suddenly, my grades went up again.
Cut and paste won't get you As
Unless it's yours.

Doesn't cost a fortune neither.
Doesn't hurt my average either.

Short and sassy
I'd be stuck with all the losers.
Beggars really can't be choosers.
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it kid.

Add a phrase, a sentence or two.
Life turned into an endless medley
Of "Gee, it always is you."

Cut. And paste.
When the paper once was bare,
Now you look and words are there.
You have wrote 'em, hey, top to bottom, hey.

It's a gas.
Just a highlight, click, and then
Enter your idea and you're fine.
Cut and paste can change your life.
It sure changed mine.

Valerie: You're all looking at my grade, aren't you? Well, don't count on me to redistribute my hard work.

Other Student: They're not that good.

Valerie: I heard that, stupid. I didn't want 'em like yours. I wanted them to be at least somewhat original.

Other Student: You got what you worked for.

Connie: I wouldn't mind my essay being half that length!

Valerie: Go out and find some links.
Have it all done.
Honey, take my word.
Use that search engine for
Wiki, refs, and more to

Cut and paste.
Introduction and body.
What they want is what they see.
Keep the best of you.
Do the rest of you.

Rut or race,
I have never seen it fail
AP world or British lit or math.

Cut and paste,
Yes, cut and paste
Has changed my life.

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