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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ableism and the Enneagram: Integration and Disintegration

Integration and disintegration  in enneagram affect the manifestation of ableism, which likely arises out of disability, whether one's own or someone else's, thwarting one's attempts at attaining their basic need. Integration and disintegration occur when one learns how to work or not work with their enneatype, which leads to a "change". Ableism manifests itself most often as a disintegrated or unhealthy type. The ideal activism and advocacy method for each enneatype most often reflects the integrated type.

Ones integrate into Sevens and disintegrate into Fours.

  • Disintegrated: Goes in-depth into bad experiences to the point of using invasive detail all for the sake of "authenticity", experiences martyr complex
  • Integrated: Values the experiences of those around them as well as their own, gains a more adventurous, daring perspective
Twos integrate into Fours and disintegrate into Eights.

  • Disintegrated: Becomes controlling to compensate for perceived helplessness in self or others and displays uncharacteristic anger
  • Integrated: Respects others' experiences and values and uses this to better assist others and becomes in tune with one's self
Threes integrate into Sixes and disintegrate into Nines.

  • Disintegrated: Falls into apathy and laziness. Avoids conflict at all costs and retreats within self hoping for problems to resolve themselves
  • Integrated: Gains awareness of their and others' desire for safety and acts on it by providing places of refuge

Fours integrate into Ones and disintegrate into Twos.

  • Disintegrated: Takes on a chameleon-like persona in order to "help others", but finds no sense of purpose in doing so
  • Integrated: Strengthens values and realizes their ideal "right" way to do things and promotes these values without being pedantic or an extremist

Fives integrate into Eights and disintegrate into Sevens.

  • Disintegrated: Abandons thoughtful pursuits in favor of more hedonistic ones, becomes consumed by "FOMO" and resents deprivation uncharacteristically
  • Integrated: Channels anger constructively as a driven and passionate leader ready to carry their ideas into fruition

Sixes integrate into Nines and disintegrate into Threes.

  • Disintegrated: Takes up obsessions with image, abandons sense of security in pursuit of a "persona", resents criticism and takes it personally
  • Integrated: Keeps the peace by finding compromises between conflicting desires of others and themselves. Takes on "mediator" role
Sevens integrate into Fives and disintegrate into Ones.

  • Disintegrated: Insists that everyone do things the "right way" and starts depriving one's self of certain things they normally enjoy
  • Integrated: Considers a variety of new perspectives all at once and fits them together into one stimulating framework
Eights integrate into Twos and disintegrate into Fives.

  • Disintegrated: Retreats within one's head rather than taking control of situations while lashing out at others 
  • Integrated: Actively assists others in a leadership-type role for the good of those around them, often self-sacrificing

Nines integrate into Threes and disintegrate into Sixes.

  • Disintegrated: Security seeking takes priority over peace. Starts excessively fretting over small matters
  • Integrated: Starts maintaining an image in order to gain a good reputation, usually has a "do no harm" philosophy

I apologize for being laconic, but I do not have much time between band, school, and orchestra.

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