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Monday, May 11, 2015

Let it Burn

Yes. It's a Minecraft Let it Go parody that takes place in the nether. This is Herobrine singing as he claims the nether as his home and kingdom after he's been banished from the overworld.

The lava flows in bright rivers here,
Where my past is history.
Dimension of conflagration,
I will claim it as the king.

Its fires mirror the
Resentful pain inside.
Sorrow, anger, hurt
All too much to hide.

Just hold it back
Like all these years
Drowning, fighting
In seas of flaming tears.
Please quell the flames
So they can't learn.
How can they learn?

Let it burn, let it burn.
Let the flames run unrestrained.
Let it burn, let it burn.
I have lost and now I've gained.
Light's not bad.
What evil is day?
Let the blaze spread on.
It was be burnt or burn anyway.

Bitter is the flavor
Of ashes in my mouth,
But the taste of freedom's sweeter;
They can't control me now!
Here by myself,
Don't have to fight,
Freed from the bonds
Of wrong and right.
No stone, no sword
Can limit me.
I'm free!

Let it burn, let it burn,
Going up in roaring flames
Let it burn, let it burn
And melt away the pain.
Sparks ignite.
I'm burning bright.
Let the blaze spread on.

Away from trees, strongholds will topple to the ground.
Chaotic power surges through my veins and all around.
I'll doff my sorrows in a radiating blast.
To what should I go back? The nether's all I have!

Let it burn, let it burn
Like a phoenix, I will rise.
Let it burn, let it burn.
They'll see it through my eyes.
Sparks ignite
Where chaos reigns.
Let the blaze spread on!
It was be burnt or burn anyway. 

Note: You are welcome to sing and make a Minecraft animation for this. If you do so, credit me as the author of the lyrics and send me the video.


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    1. :) have you seen a Google translate version of this if you haven't I suggest you do that and I'll make a man out of you from mulan they are really funny


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