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Thursday, May 28, 2015

"One Size Fits All" and School Systems

Have you ever tried one size fits all clothing and it didn't fit correctly? The same goes for learning styles, systems, and differences. School systems are designed like one size clothing, tailored to a range of sizes, but obviously not all the sizes. Watch the video above to see women with various body types try on one size fits all clothing.

I stumbled across some bodyshaming comments on YouTube regarding this video. Some said that we shouldn't consider plus-sized people beautiful because they are unhealthy (Some genrealized statement!), that they should eat less and go to a gym, and said other hurtful, stigmatizing things. In the same way, an uninformed teacher would accuse different learners of being lazy, unmotivated or say that they just need to try harder.

Meredith at Disability Diaries blogs about her experiences with autism, intellectual disability, and severe learning disabilities. Among her interests are fantasy games, historical fiction, and fantasy (Tolkien being her favorite). She blogged about one of her friends, Tony, testing out of LC. (Read about it here.) Meredith admitted to feeling somewhat envious as she will remain in the program for the duration of her academic career. My concern is that Tony, despite having "proved himself" by testing out of LC, will suffer because he needs the support LC provides. I am an A and B student in honors classes (and planning to take AP classes in the near future), but I need support for anxiety and executive functioning deficits. There appears to be quite the stigma against LC students at Meredith's school, so I'm wondering if Tony planned to leave due to the stigma surrounding LC.

Before you stereotype students in such programs, think about what they can do. Someone who can't control their movements and seems to have no awareness of their surroundings might have a heart of gold and unconditional love for everyone. If you turn away these people, you turn away Christ.


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