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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Apologizing for One's Disability

I'll have to admit that this is a tricky topic to tackle. When do you bridge the line between apologizing for your actions and apologizing for being yourself? For everyone, it is different. I have never dealt with this much.

I'll make this a list because finals are over and I'm sick of paragraphs. This list is not comprehensive.

Don't apologize for

  • Odd, but otherwise neutral, behaviors
  • Using an adaptive device
  • Using alternative forms of communication 
  • Food aversions
  • Feeling pain
  • Your peculiar interests
  • Your individual awkwardness
  • Needing something or assistance with something
Apologize For
  • Running over someone's foot (I would apologize for stepping on someone's foot, so this is no different.)
  • Anything you said or did, voluntarily or involuntarily, that may hurt someone
  • Clumsily knocking something (or someone) over
  • Throwing up on someone (Added for humor)

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  1. This. I have dealt with it a lot and have finally got to a point where I only apologize when it is needed. It took time and a lot of encouragement and urging from friends.


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