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Friday, June 12, 2015

Musical Misadventures in Minecraft Announcement

See my other blog, Musical Misadventures in Minecraft!

What it Has to Offer
Positive disability representation
Band jokes
Bible Allusions

Squick and trigger warnings precede applicable stories. Tell me if I should warn about something I may not have found squicky or simply skimmed over.

This blog is relatively new and adds new elements fairly slowly. These are just future plans and may

What it's All About
Imagine you and someone else at opposite ends of a chasm. It is too far to jump across, neither you nor the person next to you knows the depth or can see the bottom, and, despite the lack of communication, you know you need each other. Your ultimate solution is to build a bridge, but you have bad building materials and your partner doesn't know how to build a bridge.

Every day, Steve and Caitlin, the couple in the eye of the storm, have to do this figuratively (or
literally because the Minecraft universe can do things like that.) every day. They love each other, but have yet to understand each other. Caitlin received a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome and a mild manifestation of ataxic cerebral palsy in adulthood, which she never knew about. The only labels she 
knew before were "outcast", "worthless", and "screw-up". While Steve "had it better", he still felt like a failure. The challenges brought on by ADHD, expressive language disorder, Irlen syndrome/scotopic sensitivity, and dyspraxia left him trying to atypical extents, yet with typical 
results. The popular crowd could never feel his pain.

Over the course of the plot, they discover music as an invaluable coping tool. Music speaks what words cannot. They realize that they are not alone whilst making friends and keeping them. They fight side by side with Steve charging into the hordes of mobs and Caitlin shooting from a distance.

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