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Friday, June 5, 2015

But You Don't...

I'm very atypical in many ways. I'm even an oddball among fellow autistics! People may not believe me because I don't exhibit certain characteristics or do whatever they expect autistic people to do.
"You can't be autistic. You..."
  • Get good grades
  • Don't stim (ENTIRELY UNTRUE!!!)
  • Use/understand metaphors and other figures of speech
  • Have and express emotions (Really?)
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Are intelligent, but don't display any savant skills (That's a small minority, people!)
  • Hate math (There are many autistic people who hate math.)
  • Write creatively 
  • Run a blog
  • Take honors English (My courseload does not define my diagnosis! *facepalm*)
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Can cook 
  • Empathize with others (Anyone else who says this will be summarily keelhauled.)
  • You're not like Rain Man. 
  • It is not something that autistic people usually do.
  • Some autistic person I know cannot do that. (But they might be able to do things I can't)
  • My mind is so full of stereotypes it has no room for primary sources. (Not many people would say this to my face, but this is somewhat true.)


  1. Thank you for making this post and I have the same thing said to me such as "What you don't have autism you can talk?! Um a lot of people with ASD can talk

  2. "My courseload does not define my diagnosis! *facepalm*" Exactly my thoughts, I wish it was really a non issue for people. I hardly think about it. Some of those reasons people give you are quite ridiculous.


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