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Monday, June 1, 2015

Please Help Nameless (formerly RRCherrypie)

Nameless (formerly RRCherrypie) is one of my favorite YouTube users. A Twitter impostor forced this person to forgo their identity and the Twitter staff are doing nothing about it. This impostor regularly harassed RRcherrypie for cracking down on haters and asked children for personal information. (This is not something the real RRCherrypie would do.)

I started a petition.


"I don't mind losing my name to protect kids--"Nameless (formerly RRcherrypie).
Nameless is one of the kindest people I have met on the Internet. This group sacrificed their identity for the sake of their child fans. Please pray for these people, sign my petition, share the information, bombard Twitter, Inc with requests to help RRCherrypie, and make candy kit videos yourself posting #CandyforCherrypie in the Google+ message.

I watch these videos to relieve anxiety and over a million other people also find them relaxing. If their channel shuts down, I will be devastated. These videos also remind me of how, even though we don't see God, that His existence is apparent in Creation. I don't know if Nameless or any members of his/her group is Christian, but the Christlike sacrifice of their identity speaks volumes to me as a Christian. These videos are a blessing to me and to others and I hope that they remain on YouTube to bless others.

Watch more about it here:

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  1. Anyone made a Google+ post on this


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