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Thursday, June 18, 2015

FluteLab Makes Music Accessible

FluteLab is a company that manufactures and distributes adaptive/ergonomic wind instruments, mainly flutes hence their name.

I stumbled upon FluteLab's website while derping around on the Internet. They are dedicated to making music accessible to people with physical disabilities that might prevent them from playing wind instruments. Popular products and services include key extensions, swan head joints, vertical head joints, and creating one-handed instruments. FluteLab is "a worldwide leader in adaptive and special needs woodwind engineering". They make playing wind instrument musicianship possible for people who cannot play conventional wind instruments.

I don't want anyone to be denied the dream of playing music due to a disability or other impairment (e.g. short fingers). A key extension, custom stand, one-handed instrument, or a modified head joint can make someone's dreams come true. I don't have anything else to say, so watch this video.


  1. That is so cool. I played the violin for two years but stopped because it was too difficult due to hearing loss, ear pain, my lack of coordination and an unaccommodating teacher. I enjoyed playing for the most part and even got to play a concert with Mark Wood(look him up, he has cool electric instruments).

    1. Bad music teachers are the fastest way to turn a student away from music. I'm sorry you had to end playing violin due to an unaccommodating teacher. Were you in an ensemble or solo setting with this teacher?


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