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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Aromaleigh Eyeshadows Promote Neurodiversity

I have recently started applying makeup and think these eyeshadows are to die for. The fact that part of the proceeds go to organizations like the Golden Hat Foundation, Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and Autism Women's Network make them even more beautiful.

The first shade, #LoveNotFear, is a muted tan and shimmers subtly. The pinkish tint represents the love, not fear, that autistic people want. This shade is geared towards autistic women who do not wear or barely wear makeup. From the stock photo I found, it appears to be a mainly pastel-ish copper/lavender blend.

Enigma is a deep chocolate brown with noticeable multicolored sparkles. This shade represents the complexity and diversity of the autism spectrum. It is representative of the rampant misunderstanding that contributes to the enigmatic nature of autism. This shade is for everyday use by people accustomed to wearing makeup or special occasion use by people who usually don't or barely wear makeup.

Neurodivergent ventures into bolder territory with its teal/taupe/mauve coloration. It reflects the intensity of the autistic experience. This shade is my favorite because it appeals to my daring personality while still being neutral. It can be used for special occasions or everyday depending on your tastes and confidence in your makeup skills.

If you get all three, you can do this:

My Favorite Qualities of These Shades
#LoveNotFear is good for a no makeup makeup look. It looks to be a versatile base shadow.
Enigma looks to be especially flattering on olive skin. (I have olive skin).
Neurodivergent appeals to my colorful personality.

Questions For the Comment Section
Which shade best suits your personality/lifestyle?
How often do you wear makeup and, if so, how much do you apply?
Are you more inclined to subtle or dramatic looks?
Which of these shades of eyeshadow appeals to you the most?

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