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Monday, July 27, 2015

Survey Results Analysis

Participants: 3

This is what I found out:
People read my blog for various reasons.
One person reads to read all the blogs, another wants to get to know me, and the third respondent said my blog had something that other blogs did not have. From what I saw, this means my blog is a good supplemental read to other blogs, my blog content is original (for the most part) and that my posts are a way to get to know me (as they are for most bloggers).

I can improve on structure.
Two respondents said I needed to improve the structure of my posts. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but I will address it.

The respondents want to see linkups and images.
I use YouTube videos in some of my posts, but rarely images. I have avoided images for a myriad of reasons:
  • The image might not show up and, thus, rendering problems will compromise the integrity of my posts.
  • Images are intellectual property. Even if I take it off of Google, it's still the property of the owner unless stated otherwise. While I could do image credits, some images take me to suspect or defunct URLs. 
    • I don't want anyone to click on a misleading, defunct, or virus-ridden link because they like a certain image on my blog.
    • I will use videos on YouTube to substitute for images in most instances. 
  • I tried to host a linkup, but nobody joined. 
Most of my readers are people with disabilities.
I find this to be an example of herd instinct. Similar people gravitate to each other and form networks.  As a self advocate, I find it important to be heard. We may be small boats on the ocean, but we're sending big waves into motion. (Comment if you get the reference.)

My personality and the topics I write about are most appealing about my blog.
Personality is the most important part of writing. The fact that this appeals to my readers the most speaks volumes to me. I have a very distinct personality that people either love, hate, and/or can't understand. I also come from a unique place. The disability/special needs community is lacking in 2e perspectives and I provide that. 2e people are often misunderstood and isolated. By running this blog, I show other 2es that they are not alone.

I added the hair dye question to make sure you were paying attention.
Most of you said to keep it natural, but one person said "multicolored." I think multicolored hair suits my personality. Because I can't have multicolored hair in real life, I have it in Minecraft.

Someone started their own blog because of what I wrote.
I started blogging, first to supplement my YouTube channel, and then for the sake of blogging. Now, I consider myself a blogger. I'm honored to be someone else's muse.

I let others know that they are not alone.
This is why I love the blogging network. In our trials, others who go through the same thing let each other know that they are not alone. I have no other words, so enjoy this video.

Color scheme is the least appealing thing about my blog.
My blog is designed to represent my colorful personality. I will look at my blog to see what I can do without changing the overall esthetic, but, for the most part, the color scheme stays.

People like reading about my blog. That, in itself, is enough to keep my blog going.


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