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Friday, July 31, 2015

5,000 Total Pageviews: Thanks, You Guys!

You made my blogging dream possible, not me. You did.

As a thank you, I will give you a quiz in which you will guess as many things as you can about me that I have not mentioned on my blog.

1. How many blogs do I currently have?
     A. One (1)
     B. Two (2)
     C. Three (3)
     D. Four (4)

2. What piece of kitchen equipment would I want the most?
     A. Anti-griddle
     B. Deep fryer
     C. Immersion blender
     D. Industrial mixer

3. Which of the five temperaments best describes me?
     A. Choleric
     B. Melancholic
     C. Phlegmatic
     D. Sanguine
     E. Supine/Leukine

4. Which of these cities/towns have I been to?
     A. Carson City
     B. Artesia
     C. Roswell
     D. Brussels

5. How many YouTube subscribers do I have?
     A. Less than 10
     B. 10-100
     C. 1000-10,000
     D. >10,000 (IT'S OVER TEN THOUSAND!!!!)

6. Which Musical Misadventures in Minecraft character are you most like in terms of personality? (Completely open-ended)

Post your answers in the comments!!


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