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Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Small Flute Solo

Warning: Bragging ahead

I finally got a solo! It is not technically written in the song or a moving line, but it is still a solo. During my solo, I hold concert C6 for 16 1/2 counts while other players join in to create a bell tone-like effect. The crunch chord was too dissonant, so people had to be cut for it to sound good. I have been selected out of several talented flutists to play the first note. One other person, on second flute, plays the B natural after I play my C.

To be honest, I was surprised I got to play in the chord. I had been rejected for the moving line solo due to my age (and sounding horrible because I had a bad flute day at the time of auditioning). I was selected for being able to play soft and in tune. I use a trick called shading to prevent myself from going sharp.

I achieved this solo through skill, hard work, and a stroke of luck. It is no extraordinary feat or instance of defying the odds. I have not only achieved within the confines of my limitations, but I have earned a place among my more experienced and talented peers.

(A/N: Yes, I know this post is kind of short and pointless, but I had to write something.)


  1. That is so exciting! This post is not pointless! You achieved something great! I'm proud of you! :)

  2. Thank you. (This reply is the 100th comment on my blog.)

  3. The post is not pointless, Congratulations! That's amazing!


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