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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Linkup Guidelines

I've decided to do Wednesday linkups because a reader suggested it to me.

 The theme varies. If I do not specify a theme, you can pretty much post anything I might find appealing, cool, or interesting. The two main themes are neurodiversity and band life. I may do special themes if a US holiday falls in that week or to commemorate something worth celebrating (like my birthday), promote a random cause usually in the name of a favorite blogger, or to mix things up because I get bored.

Deletion Policy
 I will delete misleading content, spam, inappropriate and/or offensive content, defunct links, anything that resembles virus bait, irrelevant content, blatantly erroneous science articles, and personal attacks to anyone. I apologize for the inconvenience if I delete something useful and I am not sorry for deleting spam and virus bait.

Note: Advertising miracle cures/instant deficit reducers, regardless of effectiveness, for neurological disabilities counts as spam. Even if you did find the panacea for such things, I don't want to hear it.

Non-Discimination Policy

This linkup welcomes people of every walk of life. All ages, races, gender identities, (dis)abilities, occupations, musical experiences (and lack thereof), and forms of education are welcome here. However, I do not welcome intolerance towards any fellow linkers. The Internet is a public place and you should behave on the Internet like you would at a public place.

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