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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Alphabet of Things I Would Rather Be Called Than Smart

So I'm smart
And that's all I am to you?
I would rather be ambitious
Or beautiful than just plain smart.
How about saying that I'm
Even dependable would work.
Perhaps I am energetic.
The way my fleet fingers move across my flute
Evidences this. 
Should I just be grateful
That I am smart
Or be more hardcore?
Intuitive senses guide me
To be joyful
In all circumstances. 
My keen wit 
Only serves me so well.
I could be a leader
With a maidenly charm
And a nonconformist outlook.
Perhaps I am a little too optimistic.
I am precise in my work
And quirky when I create.
I am responsive to current events, but
Steadfast in what I believe.
Talented is only a measure of
What I can do,
But I would rather do
Than spend my life in a book.
My tendencies make me unique,
I do not live my life "normally".
My vivacious eyes
Are easily caught in wonder.
I am a wishfully thinking idealist.
Around new people, I can be xenodochial.
I plan to be youthful all my life
And zealous in every one of my passions.


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