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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Weird Dream?????? An Analysis

The Dream
I had a dream that I was ordering makeup brushes online and that the package arrived. I did not know where I was ordering them from (either Amazon or some borderline deep web Milanoo front). I distinctly remember that they were Artis brush dupes. There was no transition between the order and getting my package. I don't remember opening the package. I just remember trying out the brushes only to find out that they were horrible and scratchy. The brushes felt like I was dragging bundles of splinters across my face.

The Context
I had my heart set on a particular set of Artis brush dupes. It was the cheapest, so I'd thought I'd buy it. However, the vendor seemed a bit sketchy. I kept looking at this brush set and watching others try similar brushes. I lost my other brushes and decided I want to upgrade anyway. I was self-loathing and overwhelmed at the time. I ended up splurging on a slightly more expensive set ($23) rather than the $16 set. I get ten (10) brushes with each set.

The Meaning
I took this as a warning not to buy the brushes. Generally, when I dream especially vividly, I take it as a prompt or warning of some sort. Given that the context was fairly obvious, I decided to spend seven extra dollars for my peace of mind. It could be a sign that I will no longer be able to present a polished version of myself and, instead, be forced to show the flaws I've tried so hard to conceal. Alternatively, it represents my dissatisfaction with the world, like anything I try to do will be meaningless.


  1. Were the brushes second-hand at all?

    Buyer's remorse!

    Can't remember paying so much for a brush - and even now it's more usually paint brushes [indoors or outdoors].

    I'm going with the flaw show interpretation.

    Prompts and warnings within dreams.

    So one dream interpretation is external and the other internal?

    1. I don't know if they were second hand or not.

      A set of real Artis brushes is about $700.

      This is a fairly odd dream since I rarely dream about things I want.

    2. I often distinguish between night dreams and day dreams in this emphasis.

      My night dreams are often about my sensory world or sometimes about memories and situations and surreal things. Often they might have a strong plot.

      Dreams are not often detailed, are they?

      Thank you for the price check on the Artis brush.


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