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Friday, June 3, 2016

Will You Press This Button to Become Gifted?

Go here if you cannot access the embed.


  • If you are already gifted, you have a more mixed bag as to what will happen. Your giftedness, if the button is pressed, can:
    • Switch from isolated to generalized 
    • Area to area (e.g. verbal to mathematical)
    • Become more severely pronounced in its existing area
  • This is just an activity. None of this will actually occur.

Comment on whether you would press the button or not. Tell me your reasons for pressing the button (or not). If you're feeling creative, write a story about the new you.

If You Want My Response:
Seeing as the complications are all from my personal experience, I would not press the button. Isolated verbal giftedness (146) is bad enough and I would not want to further complicate things with other forms of giftedness or a higher extent of it.


  1. That button has been pressed several times. Sometimes proactively/deliberately/intentionally; sometimes rather less of my doing and more chemistry/cosmic effects. And while I won't say "the horse has bolted" - yet.

    Isolated -> generalised would not be such a "bad" switch.

    Especially if away from a safe or comfortable environment.

    I like the invitation to storytelling. We do learn through stories.

    It is not about the four points - no!

  2. FlutistPride:

    the link is more accessible than the embed.

    I had a lot of fun installing cartoons inside the Dashboard of my iMac.

    The cartoons are in the form of a gallery or a slideshow.

    The Dashboard quit several times.

    And I think a lot of comics and cartoons and superhero movies explore this "Push the button activity".


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