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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why the Lack of 2e Bloggers?

I was looking for twice-exceptional self advocates hoping I could promote a #actually2e tag like the #actuallyautistic tag. I found no such people. The only bloggers I found were parents when I searched "twice exceptional bloggers". I'm sure that there are some twice exceptional bloggers out there, but no one seems to want to identify with the 2e label. Maybe I've haven't looked hard enough, but why haven't I found anybody?

The 2e label can help to make sense of the asynchronous mess inside of your head. It did with me. I knew I was smart all along, but not gifted. This label explains words and music come easily to me, but numbers and executive functioning don't. I've placed everywhere on a bell curve in the most random places. Visual puzzles were 75% for me; matrices were 15%. Math tests were abhorrent; verbal tests brought me joy.

If you're 2e, own the label and speak out. This particular breed of mind is baffling as it is, so your experiences can help someone. No two twice exceptional people are alike, so add diversity to the #actually2e tag so it's not just me.


  1. I wish you luck in your blog. I, also, could not find 2e bloggers...just parents. I hope you start a trend for other 2e people.

    1. You visited! I guess people don't want to identify with the 2e label...or don't know they are 2e...or just don't know about the 2e label.

    2. They probably don't know about the 2e lable. I didn't know about it myself until you mentioned it.


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