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Sunday, August 16, 2015

All On the First Day

Being twice exceptional comes with a lot of uncertainty; the first day is more than just the first day for this girl. She has to fight and prove that there's more to her than Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and verbal giftedness. It's hard for others to believe that the girl who marches on the field with pride is the same girl with her hands in her pockets staring down at the floor because she got left out in a social situation. The student you see skyrocketing through English is the student that forgets her homework frequently. She is frustrated, exhausted, and misunderstood from battling something others don't understand. Though her whole life is ahead of her, these four years will determine her fate. She needs help to stay with the crowd even though she already has an edge against the competition.

I am that girl. I have chosen to do difficult things because I know I am capable of doing them. If I fail, that's the way it's got to be. It's okay if I don't figure everything out overnight because it is impossible to figure everything out. I am a living oxymoron, but there's more to me than what you see. That I have to prove every single day of my life; there are so many instances I defied the odds that I'm now sick of defying the odds. This is the life I have chosen and the path I have taken. It is s rocky uphill path inclined towards the edge of a cliff and hiking on is the choice I will make day in and day out. 

I have wasted my life telling myself that I can't do something or that it's too late for me to learn how. Now, I recant all of those things I said and I will try to be everything I can be. If I want to start skateboarding at the age of 15, so be it. It will be painful. I might cry in agony when I wipe out and possibly break a bone or two. I am not afraid of pain, but I am afraid of failure. This is why I am selective about the battles I fight.

Playing flute in seventh grade was the best decision I made. I could have gone about my life without having taken up an instrument, but playing the flute allowed me to experience something I never have before. Marching band is an integral part of who I am and it made me a better person. Not playing the flute could have saved me a lot of frustration, but the sound from it is well worth the effort. The first push off the ground as I start skateboarding will be like the first note on my flute.

I am daring, ambitious, absentminded, idealistic, eccentric, quirky, determined, expressive, verbose, musical, creative, strong, persistent a hopeless romantic, and twice exceptional. I will try to be everything that I can be and prove that there's more to me than what you see. 

I'll live my life
All on the first day.

To further understand the context of the post, I urge you to click the video above.

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  1. Did you already start school? I'm not a music person but I do like the lyrics of Roar by Katy Perry because I am a fighter, I was born 3 months early, there was one point they would thought I would die (in the NICU), I have hearing loss, I've been bullied, I've dealt with different bouts of chronic pain. I like the lyrics to First Day too. Oh and "I will try to be everything that I can be and prove that there's more to me than what you see." is so my life.

    1. I did not start school; this post was written in anticipation of that day. I also like Roar. Who says a supine can't fight?

    2. When does school start for you? My senior year starts September 8th.

    3. It starts on the 20th for me.

  2. I can understand how you could be sick of defying the odds. It must be exhausting! I am exhausted just reading about what you do! Most of us pick the things that are easy for us to do and that we know we can succeed at without working too hard! I am routing for you and your success, which I have no doubt you will achieve!


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