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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Project WorditOut (#ProjectWorditOut)

I've noticed that the doffing of labels has become a priority in the disability community; I think otherwise. Labels should be embraced as words that describe who we are, not as shameful things to hide. Therefore, I want you to join #ProjectWorditOut with me and create a word cloud of labels that apply to you.

I am a temperament zealot due to my attraction to labels and take great pride in all of my labels. I am an autistic INTJ (or ENTJ since I'm an ambivert). Click this link to go to create your cloud, post the word cloud to your blog, and tag it with #ProjectWorditOut. I will later compile these images and submit them for posting on "The Mighty" if you E-mail them to me ( I'll start it off:

Image Description: The words and acronyms "Melancholic, Quirky, Musician, ADHD, Skeptic, Rational, Scientist, Blogger, Aspie, Verbal, Clarifier, Composer, Flutist, Choleric, Autistic, Arranger, Advocate, D-C, Turbulent, Dominant, Writer, Fieldmarshal, Mastermind, Commander" in script font text that ranges from red to black on a pink background


  1. I love this cool idea! A couple of my labels would Old Lady and Old Fart!! I might try to make one on Bethany's behalf!!


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