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Monday, October 19, 2015

Rights and Rules

As any good leader would do, I will state your rights. On my blog, you have the right to...
  • Call me out if I have said anything that is outdated, misleading, or otherwise untrue
  • Suggest new ideas that can improve the content of my blog
  • Agree or disagree with me on any matter
  • Agree or disagree with any commenter
  • Inform others and myself of what worked for you
  • Challenge me on ideas you disagree with or find shoddily supported
  • Outdo me in anything I have done previously
  • Ask me for further information 
  • Withdraw from any discussion
  • Question policies you deem unjust 
  • Decline to comment
Basic Rules and Guidelines
  • This is my blog. I reserve the right to delete comments as I see fit. Specifically, I will delete personal attacks towards me or someone else, all profanity, misleading and/or erroneous information, and anything else I deem unsuitable for viewing on my blog.
  • Respect me, others, and yourself. This blog is a place where differences from our values are tolerated at least and embraced at most. If the other person is blatantly wrong, tell them.  If they still insist, tell them again. There is no need to tell them a third time. After that, acknowledge their right to be wrong. Report all misleading information in comments on my blog to me. I will take care of it.
  • People of all ages, genders, sexual preferences, disabilities (and the lack thereof), lifestyles, religions, races, financial standings, nationalities, and temperaments are welcome here. Do not discredit anyone's words based on these factors. It inhibits the exchange of information and ideas. I am fed up with people being silenced because their voices are disregarded as invalid. 
    • Discriminating against able-bodied, neurotypical people as a disabled, neurodivergent person is the same as if the situation were the other way around. Thus, I will treat cases like this as such. I will not have any kind of discrimination on my blog, even it it is against an "advantaged" group.
  • Do not post erroneous or misleading information. If you don't know about something, don't offer advice about it. It is wiser to admit ignorance than to feign knowledge. If you are ever unsure, do further research.
  • I have a "coherence rule." I will delete comments that I deem incoherent or that I believe will give other readers a headache. You don't need to have perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation (I don't.), but your comment should have some discernible flow of words. As a rule, I will always delete aLtErNaTiNg CaPs, 1337$p34|<, miXEd CaPS, xcsv shrthnd, and other pseudo-languages. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Spam includes, but is not limited to, incoherent comments, promotion of dubious and/or irrelevant content, and repeating the same comment in the absence of technical difficulties. 
    • Note that advertising "miracle cures" is spam. Most of these cures are snake oils and come from dubious, unregulated sources. I have seen snake oil advertising in many linkups; many bloggers do not put up explicit rules about snake oil, so I feel that this rule is necessary. I do not tolerate misleading information or anything based on misleading information. Even if it works for you, it might harm someone else. If you are not qualified to prescribe medicine, do not do so and, if you are, don't do it in my comment section.
  • Your rights have boundaries. You have the right to assert your opinion, but no one here (including me) has the right to disparage, harass, or otherwise vex another commenter. If your opinion is an opinion, do not assert it as fact; that is misleading. If you want to prove it as fact, assert your opinion with supporting evidence from reputable sources. The truth is like medicine. It can be made more appealing by hiding it in persuasion or a good story, but you can't always count on someone to accept it.  
For the sake of my privacy, if you find me under this name, address me as Ender-Chan. 

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  1. These are good rules! I have gotten some really weird comments that made no sense at all... they looked like strings of random words. I've also gotten a lot of comments that have something vague, like "Great article! I've been searching for something like this and now I have found it!" with a link to their website. It took me a while to realize these things are SPAM!


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