Blogger Widgets Ender-Chan's Thoughts: The New Look

Monday, October 5, 2015

The New Look

You may have noticed that I changed some things on my blog. One participant of my blog survey remarked that color scheme was the least appealing part of my blog; I set out to change that. Since I have not had much luck with HTML coding, I made a few changes to improve the overall appearance, but still maintain the overall esthetic of my blog.

An Overview of Changes:

  • The title was changed from the generic serif to a playful script that better suits the nature of this blog and is slightly more saturated in color than it used to be.
  • The blog tagline is now light blue.
  • The body text was darkened for easier readability. 
  • Titles are in red. 
  • Sidebar text is in fuchsia.  


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