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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autism and Social "Versions"

Disclaimer: This post is based on observation and prediction alone. I have no formal data to prove anything. 

Social "versions" in autistic people can affect the way their autism manifests. An extrovert might engage everyone they see and not know if the person they are engaging is in the mood to interact while an introvert would retreat into intense thought and display no interest in the people around them. An ambivert may strike a "medium state" or waffle between two extremes in a way that would make them seem like different people in different situations....

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  1. I'm the more introverted kind. I tend to retreat into thought.

    1. I'm an ambivert. Either I'm initiating a discussion and ordering people around (Fieldmarshal/Commander) or quietly pigeonholing other people as one of the five temperaments (Mastermind/Scientist).


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