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Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Can't Do Anything Right

I've failed at everything that I do.
No compliment I've received is true.

In athletics, I trip and fall on my face.
Likewise, in school, I'm out of the race.

In science and math, I struggle and strive
Putting in more than I am to get by.

In language, the words don't come naturally
Mais mes camarades sont très magnifique.

For someone like me, failure's all that's in store.
Living, just living, is simply a chore.

I cannot ascend. I'll die if I fall.
I'm helplessly, helplessly, clinging to the wall.


  1. Is this how your feeling? Because honestly I feel this way too and it sucks.

  2. Sounds like me when I was in high school. The trouble with high school is you are forced to do activities and learn about topics that you have absolutely no interest or talent in, and forced to hang out with people you have nothing in common with. At least after high school, nobody can ever force you to play competitive sports again!

    1. Lucky for me, marching band is a PE credit.

      I won't use polynomials as a middle school band teacher. 5x^5+4x^3-6x+453 won't help me with saxophone fingerings!

      Also, what do you mean by "forced" to play competitive sports? I experience no such thing.

      Recommend: Lost One's Weeping-Kagamine Rin

    2. Lucky, in my school you have to do whatever your doing on that gym (example: running, work out stations, volleyball, fitness center, ext) and let me tell you, Jack and I have little legs and asthma and we do not enjoy running at all, no thank you. Hehe

    3. I hate running because I feel like I'm dying every time I run. I choke on thick mucus when I run for long periods of time (no joke). Unfortunately, I have no asthma diagnosis, so I am expected to run like the others. I am also not a fast runner and I get exertion headaches from running.

    4. We hate running especially because in the fall/spring we have to go outside and run for around 15-30 min and after we are dying! One time last year because my vocal cords were paralyzed and I couldn't really breath I passed out and they had to call the EMT's. I'm not fast either and Jack is scared of the work out stations except for the mini trampoline which is fun. We just don't like people looking at us when we exercise, it's awkward.


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