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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The ESTP's INFJ Shadow

Image Description: The image reads "The ESTP and their INFJ shadow"
with "The ESTP and their" being in Perpetua and "INFJ Shadow" being
in Zapfino. "ESTP" is in dark scarlet (#EE2E25). "INFJ Shadow" has a white outline
and a black fill. The words the, and, and their are completely white. The image is on a
black background.

I've read about how INFJs experience an ESTP shadow, so I'm turning the tables and explaining how ESTPs experience their INFJ shadow.

The ESTP under normal circumstances is pragmatic, outspoken, and energetic. This is because the ESTP is operating using their dominant and auxiliary function (Se and Ti respectively) to do whatever ESTPs do. Carl Jung shed light on our shadow selves by understanding and explaining it through the interface of cognitive functions. Like all facets of ourselves, our shadow self should be acknowledged and understood like we try to understand our conscious selves.

The ESTP's shadow mirrors negative traits of the INFJ personality type. The INFJ type is often venerated as one of the most insightful and enigmatic types. However, a negative manifestation of the INFJ's intrinsic qualities that surfaces when an ESTP is tired, overwhelmed, depressed, or just not themselves is a force to be reckoned with. Especially due to the nature of the INFJ, ESTPs need to take extra care in managing their shadow selves.

ESTPs in their INFJ Shadow often Find Themselves
  • Missing opportunities due to anticipatory anxiety and not wanting to be a waste of time
  • Imagining worst case scenarios
  • Questioning their moral compass
  • Absorbing emotions from others and having no idea what to do with them
  • Self-loathing
  • Acting hypercritical of themselves
  • Abstaining from things they normally enjoy in the absence of a desire for self-improvement
  • Projecting negative futures for themselves
  • Not wanting to pursue their passions
  • Overtaken by uncharacteristic apathy and/or pessimism (TL;DR)
This grip experience leads to a reduction in self-care. In your INFJ shadow, you may start disregarding your physical health and your work and hobbies. This is known as a "grip" because you feel like you're being slowly strangled in a large fist.

To get out of the grip and get back to a healthy order of your functions, get out and do something totally Se-oriented. Take a walk, invite a friend over to have fun, buy some nice clothes, listen to music, and/or make and savor your favorite food. Use Ti to analyze a cool new theory or explain a concept.

Now matter how long or short you've been in your INFJ shadow, your Se and Ti will remind you that this grip is irrational and that you should get some sun and stimulation. Take the time to get to know your shadow self and acknowledge it as a part of who you are. ESTPs generally don't delve into the deepest depths of themselves, so take it as an opportunity to explore!

This is a mashup of Clarity and Wildfire by JubyPhonic. I think mirrors the struggle of an Ni grip (Clarity) and struggling to get back to healthy functions (Wildfire).

This song, Tokyo Teddy Bear (dubbed again by JubyPhonic), reflects inferior Ni and the ESTP.

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  1. Cool. I'm an INFJ but this was interesting


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