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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Lost One's Weeping: An Activity

Well, can you read it? (Image Description: Kanji written in white chalk  on a blackboard.)
Can you read the kanji on the blackboard? Well, can you? I don't care if you don't know Japanese or can't see the image. READ THE KANJI!!!!!!!! ISN'T IT OBVIOUS WHAT THE KANJI MEANS?!?!!!!!!!!! Go on and stare at the kanji for as long as it takes until you can understand it! I will stand right here and ridicule you until you can understand it. You're useless if you don't know how to read kanji. No one will ever love or want to be around someone who cannot read something as simple as the kanji on the blackboard. I am making a SIMPLE AND RATIONAL REQUEST for you to just READ THE KANJI!

What did you think of my request? Unreasonable? Impossible? Pointless? An easy A? Your worth is now based off of your ability to read kanji. Where do you measure on that scale? How would you feel if life was really like that?

 Song: Lost One's Weeping
Artist: Kagamine Rin
Language: Japanese 
(FYI, I only know the kanji for "child" and "heart".)


  1. And there lies the challenge!

    I can read "five" and "cat".

    Writing kanji, on the other hand, especially in sequence.

    I love to spread "The Language of Worth" around.

  2. Devastatingly eye opening to how so many must feel!! I'll be sharing!

  3. That reminds me of a video I saw a few times in different college classes, where a guy was trying to teach a group of teachers and parents what it was like to be a child with a learning disability in a class. He had them do things like try to read from a book where the letters were all scrambled up or the words were nonsense, and if they struggled to read it or couldn't answer questions, he'd say things like, "You need to try harder! Why aren't you paying attention?" It was a very powerful videoo.


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