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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Compare and Contrast Challenge: Angel the Alien

  • We have roughly similar disabilities. Both of us have autism/Asperger's and ADHD. I find that the manifestations are similar as far as I can tell from reading her posts. I was pleased to find someone who could understand my experiences and not dismiss them with something along the lines of "At least you can talk". 
  • We are animal lovers. Animals are near and dear to our hearts. I am more affected by the distress of an animal than I am affected the distress of a human as is my fellow blogger. Whenever I go to someone's house, I usually end up playing with their dogs, cats, or other pets they have. 
  • Both of us have blog pets. Mine is Steve, the green spider near the Internet speed test. Angel has a presumably unnamed cat, which I will refer to as Minou from now on. Sometimes, I go to Angel's blog just to play with Minou.
  • Both of us have participated in blogging challenges. Though Angel appears to participate in more of them, I have participated in one FTSF.
  • We share an interest in personality types. I do it because I am a compulsive analytic and must classify everything and Angel does it out of curiosity and fascination. She wrote a post about her personality types here.  
  • We like Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is the beverage of champions. 
  • Our temperaments are different. Using Fighunter, Angel tested as PhlegMel while I tested as ChlorMel. Her MBTI is INFP and mine is ENTJ after mistyping as INTJ several times. Using MBTI, we found our Keirsey types. Our temperaments influence our writing methods as well as the topics we write about. An INFP is a champion for the values they feel are overlooked whereas an ENTJ will find pragmatic solutions to problems and create new values to uphold. 
    • Go here to find out more about how INFPs and ENTJs differ in their approaches to life.
  • We show differences in our approach to blogging due to our respective temperaments. Angel participates in more blogging challenges while I like to start new ones. (The ones I have started have had one, two, or no participants.) I approach unexplored issues with innovative ideas while Angel responds to events, challenges, and blogging traditions.
  • Our blog pets reflect our respective temperaments. Minou is a quintessential representation of the INFP.  This apparently INFP cat will paw at and track your cursor, but will not stray outside of its boundaries. Steve, on the other hand, is a green ENTJ spider. He industriously spins webs and eats flies whilst using unconvincing ads to lure humans into his trap.
  • Our vocations are different. Angel is a teacher who works with small children. (I don't know the specific age range[s].) I am a high school student, a flutist for the school band, and currently unemployed.  
  • We express distress in vastly different ways. As an F type, Angel says that she gets upset easily and if she is upset, she would most likely be bawling. She seeks the counsel of her dogs and others under distress. As a "T" type, I mask my distress very well--sometimes too well. I keep on doggedly pursuing tasks even though I should probably step back and take a back. Under distress, I send my team away and insist on doing everything myself. When something eventually pushes me over the threshold, others will think I am too sensitive because they can only see the one straw that broke the camel's back when there are thousands of other straws underneath it. 
  • Our approach to labels differ somewhat. Angel says she would rather choose her own labels than accept the "negative" labels "forced" on her. I believe that labels are neutral terms, but what people make of them that can change their alignment. However, we both embrace labels, but use them for different purposes. Both of us pursue labels, but my pursuit is more active and aggressive. 
  • We have different blogging identities. Angel calls herself an alien, but presents herself as a real person. I keep my anonymity underneath the identity of a rainbow-haired girl and try my best not to reveal too much about myself to maintain distance between myself and the people of the Internet. The two identities we have represent our respective roles: as a crusader of values and protector of the downtrodden and a fieldmarshal rallying her troops to carry her visions into fruition. 
I challenge the owners of these blogs to participate:


  1. Wow, thanks for comparing and contrasting me! You seem very intuitive at figuring out what a person is all about. Maybe that is why you love personality types so much. I am going to have to think about who I will challenge!

    1. Well, that's the N in ENTJ. Let me know who you challenge.


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