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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Normal To Us All (Parody of Honor To Us All)

This is what they give me work with?

Well, they don’t come much worse!

Now, how can I turn this sow’s ear

Into a silk purse?

We’ll have you

Speaking so

That AAC device’s screen won’t glow.

Hope that eye contact will smartness show.

You’ll be normal to us all.

Wait and see. When we’re done,

Your peers will not think you weird, but fun.

With no stimming

And no complex puns,

You’ll be normal to us all.

By pretending to be normal,

You will make us proud.

Just don’t plug your ears

When we will cheer loud.

They want you

In this range,



To work fast-paced.

If you’re otherwise,

Then you’re a waste.

Please be normal to us all.

Everyone who’s typical

Is perfect in all ways.

You can only blend

To maybe join their ranks.

Like this, you’ll

Only fail

Trying to succeed to

No avail.

All the typicals will say

“No sale”.

So, be normal to us all.

You're not ready yet.
A social story so you don't forget,
And harsh punishments if you do.

Do not look so nervous.
Stand tall and proud and own it. 
Stay within the bounds I set.
I hope you won't blow it.

Can someone help me please?
They don't seem to see what's underneath.
And I hope that I can understand
What is normal, after all?

Hiding, passing, blending, bending
Might give me a happy ending. 
Fate, help me,
Go unseen
So much that I cannot
Express my needs.
They don't matter 
'Cause of who I am,
I might as well just be a doll.

Please be normal to us.
Please be normal to us.
Please be normal to us.
Please be normal to us.
Please be normal to us all.

Disney movies are my preferred form of entertainment, so I decided to write this parody of "Honor to us All" from Mulan to humorously reflect on "passing for normal."


  1. This is great! I am trying to work on a parody of the song Fight song (I know remember the person who sings it name)

    1. I wrote this parody because "Honor to Us All" carries the idea of passing for normal in a lighthearted, humorous way while still not losing the reality of the matter.

  2. That is great! Very true. I think most of us understand exactly what you mean here.


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