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Friday, November 13, 2015

MBTIs as Disability Bloggers

  • NT Types
    • ENTJ: I will do research and analyze the disability community as a whole so I can lead and unite them with my ideas. After all, I was made to be a leader. The world needs MY perspective and MY ideas. I want to devise more efficient ways to deal with disability and not waste time on emotional posts. People need information to make progress, not fuzzy feeling fodder. Everyone has their part to play in carrying my visions into fruition. I'm always finding a way--or making one.
    • ENTP: Hmm. Let's debate this issue. It looks like it will spark some good discussions. If we discuss this issue enough, someone will resolve it. That person could be me. Well, I might as well start this or else no one will. Ugh, why is everyone just parroting each other's opinions? Come on, DEBATE!!!! Nothing will get done if you all fumble around trying to please everyone. 
    • INTJ: I have conducted extensive analysis of the disability community and a few its sub-divisions. Now, I will post my findings because this topic is not analyzed nearly enough. I will write something very long to make sure every detail gets mentioned and use technical terms rather copiously. Some of these ideas really need to be challenged. I hope someone finds my findings informative and useful for application. 
    • INTP: We need to approach this issue with logic. Idealistic posts are nice, but what good are they with no practical application? Oh, I like this idea! I've haven't seen anything like it. It is a nice balance of the pragmatic and the idealistic. Still, it needs more from the pragmatic side. This theory needs clarification. I can do that. I'm just going to do my own thing and hope someone says something without trying to control me or make me control them.
  • NF Types
    • ENFJ: Oh, hi! I love your guys. I don't like robotic doctors. Do they even realize that we are human beings and not just sets of numbers? I don't like how people are pigeonholed and put into boxes when there is so much more to them! People should really be nicer to each other. I found this issue about how we interact. Remember to #JustActNaturally. What do you think, everyone? I welcome your opinions.
    • ENFP: Hello there!!! Tell me your ideas, but make it quick. I don't want too many details. I bet we can do this if only we try to make the world a better place for everyone. We can all get along, can't we? Here's a feel-good story to help you get through your day. I don't know why some people think everything needs to have a practical application. People like that are so...cold and calculated. It makes me uncomfortable.
    • INFJ: I will carry this idea into fruition. I hope I didn't accidentally hurt anyone with what I said! That would utterly destroy me. I must stick to my values if I am going to make the world a better place. I always try to do the right thing. Is everyone okay? I sure hope so. I'd hate to hurt someone by saying the wrong thing, so I'll stick to my values and adjust them as needed to accommodate everyone.
    • INFP: Welcome to my blog! Have a cup of hot chocolate while you're at it.I'll try to understand where you're coming from, but I'd hate to develop the wrong idea of you. My values are a means of preserving my sanity, but I can adapt them if they hurt you. I'll try to make everyone feel welcome as long as you respect my values. If you ask for help, I'll give it to you. I can adapt to pretty much anyone, so come on by and I'll make you welcome.
  • SP Types
    • ESTP: Welcome, everybody! I will give you slices of my life because I like to live in the moment. Come here if you want to have fun and learn something new about me! I am a true "people person" and so full of zest and life I just had to start a blog! If I like your idea, I'll promote it and make sure everyone sees it. I just don't like a lot of details and other boring stuff. Anyway, I've got more friends to make! Bye!
    • ESFP: HI!!!!! You're my best friend...and so is that person...and that person...and also that person! Why analyze everyone when you can have fun and be friends? All you need is a little bit of common sense and a lot of moments to navigate through life. To me, there is no tomorrow and yesterday is just a blur. I love being the center of attention and the life of the party! So come on, share the joy with me!
    • ISTP: I'm working on this new project. Would you like to see it? My blog isn't particularly special, but, if that's what you're looking for, that's nice. I see things as they are and want to make sure that no one gets so wrapped up in their personal beliefs that they lose sight of objective realities. I'll get my hands dirty for a cause that appeals to me, but don't count on me to create some convoluted theory, okay?
    • ISFP: I love art and it loves me back, so I want to share the love with a blog. I don't like to make waves or anything, just to be creative and take in the world. You can count on me to see something beautiful in everything--and I expect you to do the same. I am a very original and creative person and like to create things that appeal to the senses. You just need to do stuff moment by moment, you see? Don't try too hard.
  • SJ Types 
    • ESTJ: I draw the lines and make sure everyone can understand. Can't understand the latest theory? I can make it a tradition that everyone can understand. I like being part of a community, so that's why I blog! I want to make sure everyone is heard, so I'll put in a lot of effort to listen and make sure others do the same. My blog is full of traditions because I love them so. Gather around, everyone, and help me build this community! 
    • ESFJ: Want a pat on the back or someone to put your baggage on? I'm your person. I love caring for everyone. I'm always looking for a way to help and will be active if I am pushed enough. I get everything done, perhaps because I don't do much, but I really love to do things for others. If you need anything, E-mail me and just ask. I love to make sure that everyone is well. 
    • ISTJ: I like to take blogging one post at a time. My visions are logical, clear, and based on long-held traditions. I don't like the impractical theories of others. We need to use tried-and-true methods, ones that we know to work rather than ones we don't know work. I'm a practical person and I like to plan things out and have clear boundaries. Here are my blog rules. I expect that you comply.
    • ISFJ: H-hi.... I don't think you'd notice me, but I'm forever at your service. My blog is nothing special, but, if that's what you're looking for, I'm glad that you like it. I'm blogging because there's no reason I would let a worthwhile cause like adding to the voice of the largest minority go unnoticed. I'd like to connect with you, so leave a comment. But please don't be brash in your approach. I don't like to be threatened....
  • Discussion Questions
    • What do you think is the most common MBTI (or MBTI group) among disability bloggers? The least common?
    • Is there a hated MBTI or MBTI group among disability bloggers? Why do you think so (or not)? 
    • Are there bloggers you think fit specific MBTIs? Who fits what MBTI and why? 
    • What is your MBTI? How do you reflect that while writing?
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  1. I'll debate you that all we ENTPs think of is debate.

    1. Ohhhh! It's on! It's true that us ENTPs do love a good debate, but it's not all we think about. In between arguments, we generate random ideas and pursue other skills.


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