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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tooltip Test

One of my readers suggested the use of tooltips to improve blog accessibility. Your item text ... Hover over the text to see if I am successful.

Trial 1: Unsuccessful..  Hover over this text.Hi! Can you see me? Trial 2: Unsuccessful. Put your cursor here, but DO NOT CLICK. Hi, there! I'm a tooltip. Trial 3: Successful. I will find out a way to improve the tooltip appearance later. This will have to do.


  1. It said error, you do not have the correct URL or the Internet just hates you.

    1. Well, that's not what I intended! I intended the tooltip to display a message when hovered over.

    2. I clicked on it and the error message popped up.

    3. Do not click on the tooltips. Hover over them to see if a text bubble pops up. I'll figure out how to remove the links in the future.

    4. Oh, ok. thanks for telling me!


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