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Friday, November 27, 2015

Planning to Submit to Two Thirds of the Planet

I'm planning to submit a piece on disability and temperament to the website Two Thirds of the Planet, a disability-related website that covers a wide range of issues from the line where inspiration is no longer inspiring to practical issues such as the quality of assistive devices.

Potential Ideas
  • Addressing the lack of temperamental diversity in the online disability community when other forms of diversity are widely present 
  • The use of Jungian cognitive functions in adapting to a disability, whether inborn or acquired
  • How temperament can affect the way we would go about various aspects of life
  • Why we should discuss disability and temperament together
  • Making accessible temperament tests
  • Preparing temperament counselors for disabled clients
  • How the five stages of disability perception manifest differently in different temperaments
I will accept other ideas and suggestions as well. Please comment with your ideas because I won't know them otherwise.

(A/N: Yes, this is another short and pointless post that serves as a plea for writing fodder, but keep in mind that I am an extroverted ambivert and think best with discussion.)

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