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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Autism Month: As For the Things You Say to Me

Song: World Domination-How To
Artist: Kagamine Rin and Len (Dubbed by SirHamnet, new instrumental by Unknown)
Language: English dubbed from Japanese

It's easy to rattle off lists of statistics and symptoms to promote "awareness" and to share personal testimonies. "Easily digestible morsels of autism" I call them. While these are useful tools for basic information, I get sick of them rather easily. These bits and pieces don't tell you how to gather up the guts to find the compassion hidden inside of yourself. They tell me to lift my head even though there isn't any light.

The words I say, from day to day, they bear no weight no matter what I do. It's easy enough for me to post on what it's like, but I know other people are sick of it too. During this time, no one tells me how to take over the world or find fortune in love. All these resources about keeping an autistic child's grades up and no information about how to remove black stains from their hearts! The constant testing can impose a ton of pressure on a child to constantly perform well. No one ever told me when I was younger how to cope with the onslaught of demands. All I had was my confused self.

Song: Tokyo Teddy Bear
Artist: Kagamine Rin (Dubbing by JubyPhonic)
Language: English dubbed from Japanese

I have also never read anything about supporting the autistic person who starts blaming themselves for their family's hardships because they saw an awareness campaign that made them feel that way. A friend of mine told me that she was forced to act "normal" and conform to her peers instead of taught how to tell idiots and lies from genuine help. I don't want that to happen to anyone else.
Ends justify the seams. It's all the same to you. (Tokyo Teddy Bear, Dub by JubyPhonic)
My heart twists at the thought of someone sitting through an onslaught of orders that don't make sense while wanting to die and crying "Why can't I just be loved" to no one. Look at the video above. Really look. Empathize with the persona, whom I think is suffering from the aftermath of something  similar to Lovaas-style ABA, as she vents her confusion to the world about having to listen to idiots and lies. Why aren't therapies that aren't called ABA covered by insurance? Why was it not enough to be reasonably happy, healthy, and productive to the greatest possible extent? Why not, I don't know.

In the meantime, why don't we all sing about how we're useless? (I'll even provide romanji so you can sing along.)

Song: You are a Useless Child
Artist: Kikuo
Language: Japanese


  1. I do not like the doom and gloom, we must make our child appear to be more normal types of "help" either. We do have our challenges, but I try very hard to show the awesomeness of Bethany so that people can see that autism and other disabilities are not a life sentence of hardship, emotional pain and unhappiness!

    1. As I was reading an awareness post, I sang the following lyrics:

      "As for the things you say to me,
      Instead of what comes easily,
      Try to fix the pieces of my
      Heart, oh won't you please?"

      I thought I'd get this post out because awareness only goes so far.


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