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Saturday, April 2, 2016

What do I Spy With Fully Open Eyes? On the Empathic ESTP

Do you ever feel a little less ESTP than other ESTPs, sometimes relating more to INFJs than other ESTPs? Do you ever feel empathy pangs like knife after knife to the heart? Are these emotions of other as real to you as the blue sky, the temperature of the air around you, and the shoes on your feet? If so, you may be an empathic ESTP!

I know it sounds like an oxymoron since it's usually the INFJs that are empaths. However, being an Se dom makes ESTPs likely to feel high levels of empathy simply due to the fact that they take in their surroundings to extents that other types do not. Empathic ESTPs are also likely to act on their urges by saying something to the person and analyzing why they feel the way they feel.

How do I know? I am an empathic ESTP. Despite the fact that us ESTPs tend to guard our hearts in flaming fortresses, stuff still gets inside. This is particularly true of empathic ESTPs. Soaking in emotions as sensory information can be very bewildering, especially since us ESTPs tend not to know what to do with emotions.

Being an empathic ESTP can be pretty cool. For one, it allows me to adjust to the natural rhythm of an individual or collective group in order to effectively promote stuff or provide them with what they need. Because I am empathic, I usually end up using my ESTP charm for the good of others rather than to exploit someone, create misleading information, or sell a dishonest product. Empathic ESTPs are good at telling what people need and providing accordingly, something empaths of other MBTIs may overlook.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Empathic ESTPs absorb more emotions, but since the feeling function (Fe) is lower in our functional stack, we may not know what to do with them. It is common for empathic ESTPs to feel confused about their social-version. Too much emotion can be draining, but we're extroverts! This often leaves empathic ESTPs torn between choosing the stimulation we crave and the quietness we rarely, but do, require.

You may find yourself withdrawing from other people as a defense against the emotional onslaught that occurs, but secretly crave the companionship of others. ESTPs are ordinarily friendly and chatty, but their feeling function (Fe) is lower in the stack. Therefore, emotions tend to surface uncontrollably and at uncontrollable times when the ESTP is exposed to stress. These occurrences may leave you feeling embarrassed or confused. However, these things can be managed.

ESTPs are called promoters for a reason. Use your empathic ability to promote things you value. Make a difference. Take over the world. Empathic ESTPs have the ESTP's take-charge attitude and empath's emotional intuition. If you think you may be an empathic ESTP, comment below and tell me about your experiences!

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