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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Other Learning Styles: A Google Slides Presentation

Disclaimer and Notes:
This is based on only my experience and imagination. I don't have any science to prove anything. Note that this is also a bare-bones square one presentation of the other learning styles. If you wanted a technical, in-depth presentation, leave and find that. This presentation is also geared towards those who are familiar with the VAK model. If you need to go learn about the VAK model, go here. 


  1. Anna....
    What is your learning style, Friend? ;)
    "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn

    1. I'm an interpersonal learner. I learn best by explaining things to others.

    2. In this model I am

      *verbal-linguistic [writing works well for explaining]
      *tactile [and probably not kinaesthetic - the other kind/related model].

      Glad you pointed out the mistakes.

      The questions serve as a guide or a prompt.

      And now I see: Google Slides!

      I can be an interpersonal learner if there is the opportunity.

  2. Ah!

    Another learning style I was reading about was one of the first models.

    Covergent/Divergent and Assimilator/Accommodator.

    It was done by a man named Korb.

    Pretend we have a punnet square.

    When I thought about this this morning [now we switch timezones] I was clearly a Divergent learner.

    Assimilators and Accommodators are more practical, more concrete - especially with DOING THINGS. My friend Jesse was an Accommodator.

    SlideShare is awesome - particularly if you use a LinkedIn profile - which I would strongly encourage you to do with your interpersonal learning style.

    [I can think of other presentation/authoring software which I have used].

    As for VAK and why it might not fit: I come out there as an auditory learner. I do learn in and for and from music and speech.

    There are several great models.

    This one seems to be Gardner and his Multiple Intelligences? That was the big one in the 1990s and one that I wrote about and gnawed/clung onto.

    When I think about the active verbs I use I seem to have a kinaesthetic sense of imagination and of memory like Helen Keller did. I find these are more immediately understandable and usable than auditory or visuals which tend to be more distant and more subjective. It feels like I am moving through a film or a game.

  3. Anna....
    You are an interpersonal learner. Ah, I see!! Then you are a natural-born leader, Friend!! That is great!! ;)
    "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn

  4. Anna....
    You wrote on Meredith's Blog these words.... "Getting people to feel stuff is the mark of a great writer." I love, love, love that!! May I put it up on my Blog, "Minuscule is good!" and give you credit for writing/saying/expressing it, Friend? ;)
    "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn

    1. I've been dreaming about the day people quote me. Do it.

  5. Anna....
    "I've been dreaming about the day people quote me. Do it." Aw, I just made your dream come true, Friend!! It is up.... On the side.... Just below Bruce's quote, of course.... It is on top, for the most part!! ;-D
    "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn

  6. Very Interesting and helpful! I think I'm an intuitive/intrapersonal-reflective learner. I did really well getting my degree independently online! Bethany is definitely a visual learner mixed with tactile! All teachers should have this info! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for coming! I don't know why teachers don't know these things already.


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