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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Introvert Privilege Checklist

I've seen a lot of "Extroverts oppress introverts and are the privileged social -version" content, but introverts are very privileged as well, just in different areas. That's why I made an introvert privilege checklist. 
  • You don't get bored because you have your musings to entertain you.
  • You don't feel as bad about social unavailability.
  • You are automatically regarded as more intelligent and authentic.
  • You can have your emotional needs met without worrying about being annoying or attention-seeking. 
  • You can call going the Internet and reading a few comments your social interaction for the day.
  • You are rarely or never accused of being a phony.
  • Your emotions are considered real and valid and are not dismissed as "stupid mood swings." 
  • Your emotional needs as a whole are considered more valid because you can fulfill them without worrying about being too obtrusive.
  • You don't need the validation and admiration of others.
  • You are perceived as more trustworthy, sensitive, and empathetic.
  • You can easily find relatable Internet content.
  • You can pursue a creative hobby and not need to show it off.
  • You cope with ostracism more easily.
  • You are seen more as an individual than an overly-specific archetype.
  • You don't "need" the company of others the way others do.
  • You have no worries about coming on too strongly.
  • You can create your own company.
  • You don't feel the compulsive need to win others' approval through absurd means. (e.g. eating 100 fruit stickers)
  • Your feelings of being misunderstood are readily validated and affirmed by others.
  • Your speech actually means something to other people and isn't received as content-free babble.
How it Works:
Your introvert privilege score is the amount of statements you agreed with out of the total (which is 20). 

My introvert privilege score: 3/20. What's yours?
Additional Information:
Temperament: Choleric-Sanguine (ChlorSan)
  • Keirsey Type: Inventor Rational
Enneagram: 8w7 sx
Sociotype: ILE (ENTp)
  • Relative Quadra: Gamma
  • Socionics Functions: 
    • Leading: Ne
    • Creative: Ti
    • Role: Se
    • Vulnerable: Fi
    • Suggestive: Si
    • Mobilizing: Fe
    • Ignoring: Ni
    • Demonstrative: Te
DiSC: High D

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