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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Martyr Mommy's Primary Cognitive Functions

I am going to look at the martyr mommy (or daddy, but pattern occurs more in females) through the lens of cognitive functions. This is an archetype I am analyzing, not a specific person, so all accusations of personal attacks are null and void. I decided to look at this pattern through the lens of cognitive functions to examine why someone would make an active effort to exploit their children for pitiful praise.

Primary Processes:

The Base Function
The base function is the primary cognitive process one uses in order to execute various tasks. It is the function one naturally defers to, making it the default. This leads me to believe that the archetypal martyr mommy's dominant cognitive function is Fi, introverted feeling. Introverted feeling is about valuing, considering worth, using one's values to achieve accord, and telling whether one likes something. The martyr mommy uses their misguided values about their child in order to build communities and have others repeat the opinions they have formed. Not all Fi dom parents are martyr parents, but the archetype does heavily resemble Fi.

The Supporting/Auxiliary Function
The auxiliary function is the function one uses to support and affirm others. This function often works alongside the base function. The martyr mommy uses extroverted intuition, Ne, to pick apart what self-advocates say and make baseless accusations against them. She uses Ne, also, to read the stories of her kind and sympathize with them. Using Fi and Ne, the martyr mommy both cuts down self-advocates and builds up fear-soliciting parents by using her judgment of values and perceptions of formed contexts through what is said.

The Relief Role
The relief role is the role one uses to recharge and supply their energy reserves. This role is how one is creative and playful. When exhausted from their daily activities, the martyr mommy uses introverted sensing to review her past experiences with her child and uses them to generate her Internet content fodder. Since parents of this type are typically (or at least claim to be) under extreme stress, the relief function makes itself rather apparent. Recounting experiences and posting them for all to see and as a plea for pity is an example of the unhealthy Fi-Si loop.

The Aspirational Role
The inferior function or the aspirational role is used to project "shoulds", fears, and negatives onto others. It is this cognitive function that the martyr mommy's blog runs rampant with and may even be mistaken for her dominant function. The martyr mommy uses extroverted thinking, Te, to set and enforce her Internet locations' policies. She uses charts and graphs to organize data into effective propaganda for "awareness" and fearmongering. Using misleading statistics to promote snake oil cures is another way the martyr mommy uses Te as an aspirational role.

I am all about looking at disability issues through the lens of temperament theory. The archetypal martyr mommy most resembles an INFP Harmonizer Clarifier, but the martyr mommy neither harmonizes nor clarifies. Instead, she distorts and sows discord throughout the disability community. If you are an INFP, please be aware that I have nothing against INFPs. This is just a correlation resulting from the analysis of a specific archetype. Also be aware that the correlation is not the cause. Being an INFP does not cause martyr mommy-dom, but this type seems to be susceptible to it due to the nature of their cognitive functions. Again, this is just an archetype analysis. I am not accusing anyone of anything, just using Ne to make correlations and reveal patterns.


  1. Interesting analysis! There's a lot of controversy going on around the internet about this kid of mommy!!

    1. That's why I wanted to look at cognitive functions. There are reasons why people advocate the way they do and most of them are temperamental. This is why I think most martyr mommies are unhealthy INFPs. The martyr mommy complex struck me as more of a temperamental issue than solely a disability issue. Thank you for stopping by.


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