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Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Spot Myers-Briggs Types in Disability/Special Needs Linkups

This is according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.
Disclaimer: I do not promote the ADD hoax in any way. Keirsey made a convenient MBTI sorter which I like to use. This is also predominantly humorous and, thus, to be taken with a grain of salt.

 The Guardians (_S_J)
  • ISFJ (Protector): Will post with haunting regularity. ISFJs adhere to rules written and unwritten to a T and are loyal to their friends. The ISFJ makes everyone feel welcome and expresses their views using their experiences with societal norms.
  • ESTJ (Supervisor): Posts occasionally about their involvement in various organizations and is not likely to complain about the school system. When the ESTJ complains, they are taken seriously. 
  • ISTJ (Inspector): Posts about how schools are not likely to comply with the rules whether they are real or perceived. ISTJs enforce and comply with policies and will blog about the rules. The ISTJ ascribes to one organization that they are very loyal to.
  • ESFJ (Provider): Posts about their family as well as promoting resources they like and writing comforting posts. Going to the ESFJ's blog is like getting a warm hug. ESFJs are generally very popular as bloggers.
 The Artisans (_S_P)
  • ISFP (Composer): Likes posting aesthetics, food, and travel as well as disability. The ISFP probably likes traveling everywhere despite access issues. ISFPs generally have aesthetically-pleasing blogs and are nice, creative people.
  • ESTP (Promoter): Will be that blogger who posts fives links at a time to about seven different linkups. The ESTP is very daring and outspoken. ESTPs will frequently link to things they like and liken abstract concepts to real-world things.
  • ISTP (Crafter): The ISTP will post about practical issues more than their feelings and abstract ideas. ISTPs are the ones who review assistive technology and modify it to suit their needs; they are the ultimate realists: doing what needs to be done rather than thinking and worrying.
  • ESFP (Performer): The ESFP posts sporadically and is fun incarnate. Their lighthearted, in-the-moment approach to disability is often welcome in their often wide circles. ESFPs will come up with all sorts of hacks to make their kind of fun accessible.
The Idealists (_NF_)
  • INFP (Healer): INFPs are crusaders of their values. Often, INFPs are passionate about their cause, so they dedicated a blog to it. INFPs rarely share in or host linkups as they are strongly individualistic. The INFP has a strong sense of what they like and dislike, which is apparent in what they write about. 
  • ENFJ (Teacher): The ENFJ cares strongly about others and likes to influence others on a large scales. ENFJs write with the intent to influence others; they prefer to try to diffuse conflict and mediate instead of starting flame wars. ENFJs are likely to both host and share in linkups.
  • INFJ (Counselor): Is a paradoxical mixture of passionate and even-keeled. INFJs rarely share; rather, they prefer to have others stumble upon what they write by chance. The INFJ writes about their images and perceptions of disability as well as other ponderings.
  • ENFP (Champions): Will campaign for their values with much ardor. ENFPs typically come off as friendly and demonstrative. ENFPs like to see the best in others and tend to write about their ideals of how the world should be.
 The Rationals (_NT_)
  • INTP (Architect): Usually writes about ideas on how to better execute practical matters. INTPs are pragmatic visionaries and will document their overall thoughts rather than specific details. If INTPs document specific details, it will be part of a logical, principled vision.
  • ENTJ (Fieldmarshal): ENTJs have a commanding presence that is apparent, even in their writing. Most likely, ENTJ bloggers are trying to use blogging to meet some kind of goal they have in mind. ENTJs like to host linkups, but frequently do not join them. 
  • INTJ (Mastermind): INTJs are, more so than the other Rationals, inclined to write about science and disability rather than emotions, which gives them a heartless veneer. However, past this mask, INTJs are as caring as people can get. 
  • ENTP (Inventor): More relational than the other Rationals. ENTPs will write about a wide variety of ideas and visions. ENTPs are usually seen turning ideas on their heads in their writing, even their own ideas. 


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