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Saturday, February 27, 2016

LaHaye Blends as English Dubs of Vocaloid Songs

Content Warning: A lot of these songs deal with sensitive and controversial themes. Listen at your own risk.

Phlegmatic Blends:

PhlegMel: Echo (Dubbed by JubyPhonic) 

PhlegSan: Rolling Girl (Dubbed by JubyPhonic)
Warning: Flashing Images Throughout, especially 2:50-3:01
PhlegChlor: Clean Freak

Sanguine Blends:

SanChlor: Childish War (Dubbed by rachie and JubyPhonic)

SanPhleg: Drop Pop Candy (Dubbed by Kuraiinu and JubyPhonic)

SanMel: Witch Hunt (Dubbed by JubyPhonic)

Melancholic Blends:

MelPhleg: Seasonal Feathers (Dubbed by Lyyratic and SirHamnet)

MelChlor: Servant of Evil (Dubbed by SirHamnet)

MelSan: Lost One's Weeping (Dubbed by JubyPhonic)

Choleric Blends:

ChlorSan: World Domination-How To (Dubbed by SirHamnet)

ChlorMel: Outer Science(Dubbed by JubyPhonic)
ChlorPhleg: Remote Control (Dubbed by JubyPhonic)
Do you think these songs accurately reflect each blend? What is your favorite song on the list? Are there other English dubs of vocaloid songs that can reflect the blends?


  1. The Melancholic Blends with JubyPhonic seem to have the most choice. I find Servant of Evil represented its blend the most.

    Having said that, my own favourite would probably be Outer Science; Drop Pop Candy; and the Rolling Girl. Remote Control was lovely as well.

    Thinking of the top six Vocaloids and the ones that are played a thousand times.

    A specific blend and a specific dub: "Regret Message" for MelPhleg.

    I play a game called Katawa Shoujo which has a wonderful soundtrack [the four students are in the four temperaments: Shizune is chloeric; Rin phlegmatic; Lily is melancholy/maybe supine - so is Hanako -and Emi the runner is sanguine]. Many of the visual novels are much the same - seem to remember Roommates has a good Vocaloid soundtrack too.


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