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Friday, February 26, 2016

Nothing Good to Do, Just Bored to Death

Song: World's End Dancehall
Artist: wowoka (Vocals by SirHamnet and JubyPhonic)
Language: English (Original is in Japanese)
(The song reminds me of ESTPs' interactions with INFJs. INFJs want to think deeply, but ESTPs just want to take your hand and steal you away.)

Me On the Internet:
Se: Hey, I found something cool!

Ti: Let's find out more!

Fe: Who else would benefit from this knowledge?

Ni: How in the world did I get here?

I am interested in these lolita pieces:
This cute casual OP
This sublime beauty
This red and gold awesomeness
Of course, I'll need a piano purse to go with it.
Or this one


  1. That's cool! I like the first dress, the red and gold one and the first piano purse!!!

    1. The red and gold dress and the first piano purse would coordinate well together. (The first piano purse also comes in red and the red and gold dress also comes in blue and gold.)

    2. Well then they coordinate perfectly!


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